IMAG0262Normal is what we yearn for. Normal in a daily life after a disaster. Many may never understand how hard it is to get back to normal. Many have a hard time accepting this new normalcy.
Life has slowly gone on since the 22 of May Tornado of 2011. Life has gone on and the healing has been going on. There have been moments in particular that have made me jump. Twice the sirens have sounded – once for a bad storm and I struggled where to go where we were living. Unique thing in our new neighborhood – yes the siren is @ the end of the block – clear day – I jumped.
Many may not think that this won’t ever affect me ever or ever refuse to realise that there is nothing I cannot learn. Learning from everything that you need from God but what have you taken from a tornado or perhaps any stories from the survivors?

Have you learned to be thankful for your family? Many lost families in the storms. Many survived with nothing to their name.
Are you thankful for your home? A home that may be a house but it is nothing but tinder and straw. A family is a home but not a house. Home is filled with love and care.
Thankful for where you work? Many lost there businesses and their jobs. How have you handled it, even in the approaching your employees?? Kind and gentle or bullying them? What has your choice been?

We as Christians need also to realise that we need to step up and help those in need. We need to live by His Word. Eat sleep and breathe his word. Yes there are costs to them. Do stand for what you believe in or ignore what He tells you? Do you ignore the Holy Spirit? Do you ignore what he wants you to do? Compassion is hard sometimes, but you know we are called to be compassionate toward each other. Many survivors have had a hard time these past 18 plus months, but they are people like you and me.  They hurt. We hurt and we grow through trials. Trials is what made us stronger. Prayer makes us stronger. Who needs your compassion?

Remember many survivors are still struggling and need help. Likewise remember that stuff isn’t always the right answer. What items do you need to purge from you life and give up? Items just weigh you down not bring you up.  A house is a house, tinder ash and all else.

” I may have lost my house but I didn’t lose my home.”  With this being said. I lost all the meaningless junk that I had, and a few treasured possessions. But I never lost my family at all. They were sheltered in the pantry, at Wal-Mart – not the 15 street Wal-Mart, in Diamond, and yes I was in Webb City. All protected and alive.

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