Just Show Up

**I received Just Show Up By Kara Tippetts and Jill Lynn Buteyn from Family Christian and David C Cook for my honest opinion and review.)

Just Show Up by Kara Tippetts and Jill Lynn Buteyn is a book that really makes us think about what we do when we have friends who are suffering. You see Kara Tippetts was undergoing through cancer treatments but also had four young children in the home. She had mothers, families and yes, teachers helping and showing up to help her family through this trying time.


Just Show up is a unique book helping us learn how to show up when our friends are going through their suffering.

Just Show up is a book about helping us to show up when a friend who is suffering. We all want to help our friends who are suffering but how do we walk through them with them. Just Show Up has a chapter for how to show up from insecurities to the future. No matter what your friend is suffering we also need to have boundaries in protecting your own family while showing up to help your friend while they are going through each trials.

No matter what is going on when a friend is suffering, sometimes when we show up we are there to talk to listen to them. We may feel insecure but yet our insecurities we can still show up. When we show up despite our insecurities it will turn out to be a blessing. There are some of us who don’t know how to show up and let our insecurities take over. Sometimes this is difficult especially for one who is an introvert. Being an introvert is not always bad but sometimes this insecurity will hold us back from being able to show up.

As you read through the book there are questions at the end of the chapters. These questions are to make you think what you can do to Just show up with your friend who is going through many things. Now there are only two questions but they are questions to make you think about how you are showing up in their trials. Showing up with simple tasks that they are needing help in.

Now yes you are reading this on a blog that has been started with the idea of helping those who have struggled through disasters. Yes this is a book that is dealing with cancer or illness but this also works when we show up for those who have gone through a natural disaster. Those who are going through a natural disaster need those to just show up, but let me remind you these questions may be quite the different application process as to how you are going to show up.

Just Showing up is not going to be easy for anyone but yet God will help us show up to help our families. No matter what is going on when we show up to help our friends we receive a blessing plus they receive a blessing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a friend who is struggling or going through a trial. This is a book that is very practical book that gets us thinking and gives us ideas as to how to help. Who knows when we Just Show Up, we are being the Believer that God wants each of us to do.

This book was a joy to read but also spoke to the heart as to how to show up when a friend is suffering. This is even when we don’t know how to show up. Yet as difficult as it could be just showing up, reminds us as we show up.

You can purchase Just Show Up here.

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