18 Months & A New Life


It has been 18 months since it was all blown away in May 2011. Many may not even understand how special it is to me. It may not seem right in many ways but understand that this was the first year to actually spend the entire weekend with my family.

In past years I have worked retail, never quite understanding why people got out early to get all the shopping done. Yet this is a time for families, not for hitting the stores. Our culture has quit placing God at number 1, and placing more empahasis on whatever we want. God originally made us in his image and to worship Him, and yet we choose to go our own way. Go a way that we no longer hear His still small voice.

I am so very thankful that I am not in retail. Not being bullied, pressured, no quota to make, no mag goal to get. Thankful that there is constant calls telling me I need this many cards in a such amount of time. This pressure did not do me well, in fact it almost made me ill, ill to the point where there were days I did not want to go in, yes I did change my attitude. Stress is not right for the body whatsoever, it cripples the body. Cripples it. Makes us ill.

These past 2 months I am very thankful on teaching and instilling God’s True Word into the hearts of toddlers. It is such a joy to do so. It is exciting to hear their mamas say that their children love coming and absolutely cannot wait to come. Bible Study Fellowship (http://www.bsfinternational.org) is a Bible Study where we dive into His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in each day’s questions.
As I have healed, he brings me closer to His will, and there are days some understand, yet others do not. Yet we may never understand why things happen the way they do.

With several things the enemy has taken away from me, and yet God has given me a new calling. A calling for me to teach young children but at his place he has for my husband and I. Biblical poverty is still not eradicated, and as His children we need to spread and teach them His True Word. What are you doing to eradicate biblical poverty? What will you need to give up to do this? What will you be willing to give up for your Lord in order to eradicate biblical poverty? Do you need to walk away from something? If so what?

Make sure that there is time for you to sit down and talk with Him what you need to do. He is the one we honor not ourselves. How will you approach things where you work? How will you honor Him? What types of steps do you need to make? Are you planning an Abram choice? A Lot choice? This is highly important for you to take. Slow obedience is disobedience. We must obey him.

Yes it appears that I have lost a lot, home I grew up in, and a job. Yet it isn’t what is important. Teaching His Word is vital, yet being close to him is more impotant. It includes my health.

Leaving you with these Scripture references:
1. Numbers 24:4-7
2. Exodus 14:14
3. Genesis 15:1
4. Isaiah 43:1-2

You Make Beautiful Things Out Of The Dust!

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One response to “18 Months & A New Life

  1. I totally understand about retail amd the pressures. I worked for 7 years for a grocery store and it had huge pressure during the holidays. I am glad you have been learning to enjoy life. Great post.

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