Heart Sisters by Natalie Snapp


Heart Sisters. Who are yours? I know mine are many years older than I am but what an example they are to me. These are the sister who are close to you in your journey of faith. These sisters are ones who know what you have been through and they walk through it all. Sometimes we have heart sisters who are our siblings who know what our spiritual journey is, and then we have heart sisters who are not our siblings who know what our hearts needs.

In the book Natalie refers to 7-9 ladies in the Bible and how they enter and exit our lives through the different seasons of our lives. These sisters know our hearts and what we have walked through.

In BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) we have groups of women where we discuss our questions on God’s Word for that week. These women walk with you through your hard problems. They pray for you and the prayer requests you have. It is a group of women who become your heart sisters. These women are dear to you, and the next year you have new heart sisters.

Natalie also approaces the fact that there needs to be boundaries with them too. Boundaries are important for anyone and women need them to protec them includes being able to figure out who is toxic in their lives.


Heart Sisters, By Natalie Snapp, found at http://www.nataliesnapp.com

These past few years since 2011 I have discovered who was my heart sisters. These are women who have walked with me through the hardest times. These women have seen me go through the disaster, and who have looked out for me during this time. One in particular hosted me for 13 days after the tornado in Joplin. They helped me through the rough time by speaking to me with love and care, but also helping me focus on healing and everything. Another heart sisters are the ladies in BSF that I have taught with during the start of leading and teaching children in BSF. These ladies have become a treasure to me in helping in many ways. This includes the teaching leader of my class who has helped me during the journey where God has placed me these years. I would not have it any other way to.

Natalie Snapp who has written Heart Sisters from her heart about how God has brought her heart sisters for her life. The book also is so much centered on God on what he has done  in her life and how God when following Him encounters blessings from Him. I have enjoyed reading this book so much that I recomend to anyone who wants to find out what her true Heart Sisters are.

Now to those who are BSF sisters who are looking for a book to read while out of BSF or to use as a study during the summer. This is one study to do besides others to do. This one would be wonderful to do as a group even if you do it online as a group.

***I received Heart sisters from Abigon Press and Net galley for my honest opinion and honest reveiw. All opinions are my own.****

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