Worth Living by Mary Demuth #WorthLiving

The world in which we live in tells us lies. Lies about how we look, our security, and of course lies about other things. Yet the lies tell who we are supposed to be in the flesh but God tells us we are worth everything to Him. You see we are gems, jewels to Him, all the while the world is telling us our worth is in the accolades in what our flesh desires.

Mary Demuth, has written Worth Living in such a way it speaks to you and your heart. This is such a book that would remind us of who we are in Christ. Reminds us that He is our Security. He is everything when we don’t feel secure. Many people feed into the 10 lies that Mary writes but ladies it doesn’t have to be this way at all. Yes, I am a survivor of a natural disaster, but I don’t feed into the pity lies that have been thrown at me, because God is whom I am secure in.

Mary writes about the lie she believed growing up and being abused but then as the book further progresses she writes how she is wildly loved by God, Her life is more than a to-do list, she is uncaged, is weakly strong, Secure, beautiful, chosen, destined to impact, worth more than a paycheck, and last but not least, a Redemptive story. Mary strikes the heart in each of these chapters where the lies lie and take root but Mary has given us Bible tools to fight these lies with His word.

Now read these over again:
Lie I believed
Am Wildly Loved
Am More than a To-do List
Am Uncaged
Am Weakly Strong
Am Secure
Am Beautiful
Am Chosen
Am Destined for Impact
Am Worth More than a Paycheck
Am A Redemptive Story.
You see there are lies behind every one of these but only by His grace we can turn and fight to combat these lies. Mary has given wonderful tips to combat the lies behind them, and of course the lies each of us have believed.

You see I am an introvert, and I am a homebody but rather quiet and awkward at times. Crowds bother me, especially ones I don’t know. Ones where I have to interact with those who I don’t know that well but would rather have someone to talk about. Yet there is truth in this because I am desperately sought out by my Saviour who loves me to pieces, who secures me in Him, and knows how I am destined to impact the world for Him. Yet He knows that I am not what anyone says I am behind my back but worth more to him that those who would rather talk of me. Yet I am worth so much to my King and My Savior.

Even though women still buy into the lies the world tells us but God wants to realize that these lies are false and not what is right. The world has been lying to us since our childhood and yet we want to believe them so we can be worth something that is worthy in the world’s eyes but this is not the truth. Truth is we are worth more to Him than anything else.

I highly Recommend the book for anyone who needs the book. We are all created by God – who deems you worthy for the work he has called you to. We each are so worthy to Him. Yet the world tries to undermine each of us.

You can purchase the book at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and other Christian retailers plus book stores in your area.

***I received a free copy of the ebook (ARC) to read for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.*******


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