Today’s Storms

Today, September 7th was the first time that the tornado sirens went off. I of course am watching the television, the sirens suddenly go off. Being alone also scared as they were going off. As our weather radio went off at least twice forwarning me of the upcoming storm that was coming.

This is the first time that the storms made me nervous. Also I had yet to be alone yet thankfully my husband Mark was coming home. Before this, my daddy called to check up on me to make sure I am doing okay and to see if there was anyone with me or not. Now we had storms earlier this week, but I had my family with me.

There were so many variable with today storms. Storms that I had to face alone but with my heavenly Father’s help. I am thankful for how he enabled a phone call to calm me down and with my husband arriving home so soon. Somethings many may not understand that this is another step in the healing process. A process that this journey is in the second year coming along in the healing process. Yes there are moments in this process that will be difficult yet in so many different ways it is so unique that there are many have gone through but fully do not understand the process. Many tornado survivors have had difficulties going through the storms yet this one was the first one I had difficulties. I know the with the Lord He is there beside me, through it all.  Yes I am human yet our Lord wants us to rely on Him each and every time a struggle comes along.

Storms I still love them, and enjoy them. I know I can move past this moment and it is one storm. There plenty more to come and yes sirens will sound. As long as I know my family and I are safe, I will be fine and calm. Yet I also have to freely rely on the Lord, I choose to not be afraid because the Lord is there. I will not fear the storm. I will not fear the storm. The battle rages on, I surrender all to you, all to You. The Lord is my refuge rock fortress. Absolutely nothing can seperate me from my father. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. My God is there. He shows us everything in His time, not ours, but His.

So what will you do when the next Storm comes? Panic? Or fully rely on the Father for it all?



You Make Beautiful Things Out Of The Dust!

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