{Rise} Five Minute Friday

Sorry it has been so long since I last joined five minute friday and such. It has been a busy time in my family’s life. From birthdays to graduation to seeing family back in town. Anyhow back to the topic. Today is five minute friday where bloggers gather together to write for five minutes on one topic. A topic which is posted on Kate Motaung, and then we write for five minutes no stops breaks, and yes no grammar is check. We then place it on Kate’s blog and go and cheer each other on.

Today’s 5 Minute Friday: Rise




Rise. Today is the four year anniversary of the Joplin tornado of 2011. This storm destroyed 1/3rd of Joplin, including many businesses. Yet Joplin has risen out of destruction. Destruction that could have brought Joplin further into the pit but no Joplin rose in the middle of such hard circumstances. These have been rough years but Joplin has risen.

Risen out of the rubble.

Risen to rebuild.

Risen in grace and dignity.

Risen with strength and to bless other cities with the same type of destruction.

Risen with giving new life to a town.

Joplin has been a shining example to others in the (stop) hard circumstances. Rise within the hard circumstances to gain strength for the days ahead. Each time we arise during the harsh circumstances.

Rise. What does it mean to you?

What harsh circumstances/choices have you risen out of?

Many of the eigth graders were just getting ready to go into their freshman year in high school. Now these young men and women have now graduated high school. They will now rise to be the next leaders. They will now rise against the hard circumstances and to conquor the hard problems they will encounter and yes they will be able to tell others of their stories of surviving one of the largest tornadoes in the nations history.


Rise and see the beautiful things God has made.

Rise and tell others how God protected you during an event.

Connecting with: Kate Motaung

3 responses to “{Rise} Five Minute Friday

  1. Hi, I’m visiting your blog from Five Minute Friday. I love the example of Joplin rising from the ashes and totally agree rising from the hard circumstances gives us strength for what’s ahead and something to share with others that testifies to God’s love and power.

  2. I almost posted along the same lines, since today is the anniversary. I shared some previous posts on my blog about lessons I learned during that time as I drove in and out of the aftermath of destruction those weeks and months following. Thanks for honoring Joplin in your FMF.

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