Doors are what we walk through. They open and close opportunities. They open and close opportunities to speak of what God has done for your life. These doors can also open up what is going through a survivors life in the before the storm and the doors after the storm. These two doors are what is important during the recovery process of the post disasters of the tornaodo.

The first door is the life before the storm, before the disaster. This door represents what the old routines were. The old routes driven by family members, brothers and sisters. These are the resturants that family members remembered eating at. For me this represents the way I used to drive home from work from my old job. This represents memories while dating. Representing what I once knew. Representing the memories that are present in such a way that I remember what was special to me as I had grown up on the West side of town.

The first door reprsents also the closed door of post disaster, where the old life of all the normal routines are now gone. This now is the new life, and the new routines that will be a new life. This is the emotional healing of the new beginnings. This is the life that gives us a reason to tell our story. This is us to be able to show others how God can use something so bad to bring glory to Him. Our stories others can learn what to do during the disaster. This is the door that shut on the old life, but opens to a new life of such wonderful blessings.

The doors of our lives are always opening and yes, they are closing. Sometimes we see an open door but yet is it the right door we need to go through. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. These doors close shortly too. Sometimes these doors lead us to places that God has a intended us to go, but we chose to go through others, and not the one that was our path.

Life can change, and what door we chose can say a lot about ourselves.

What will you chose to do to help a survivor?

What door or doors do you need to open in order to minister to someone?

Do you need to be willing to step up in an oraganization? a Bible Study?

Where is God calling you to minister?

What has he laid on your heart?

Following the call to what God wants for you may seem easy but he is always wanting you to listen to his voice so he can guide you in your journey. Sometimes the calling is different. My blog is to show others how survivors think and what they go through. The survivors of disasters may struggle but none the less He may use you to minister to them. This is not an easy task, but nonetheless it is getting out there. It may be small blog but there is truth, in what God has walked me through, in and out of the doors, of survivorship.

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