{Hide} Five Minute Friday

Today is Five Minute Friday where bloggers gather together and write upon a prompt given to us. We all then set the timer for five minutes and write on it and then go and encourage each other with our posts and everything. The catch is we cannot use go back check grammar, spell check, and it must be off the cuff and just written from the heart. We will then link up @ Kate Motaung — Five Minute Friday .

Today’s Prompt is Hide.

3, 2, 1, Go!!! (as a nephew of mine says)

Hide. What do we hide from? What causes us to hide from our fears and struggles? Many things that cause it. Sometimes we cannot hide from the storms that is coming up. Sometimes these stoms are a struggle. The struggles that you encounter sometimes after you have hidden. Yet when a tornado strikes an area you are to hide no matter what. Hiding is what keep you safe, but what matters is if you do afterwards. Whether you hide from the events that have happened or perhaps the feelings.

You see a survivor needs to be able to talk about what happened and to be able to have their feelings out in the open. They need to be able to express their feelings but not to hide them. Yes, I have been in this spot, where I was told to hide my feelings but not to talk about it. You see this person wanted me to hide what I was feeling that day. Hide what (stop) what I felt, and in speaking to the ones I was serving. They wanted me to keep it all in when  in reality I needed to open up about it. For goodness sakes it happened to me, and those feelings were there. I made it through the work day, but hiding my feelings was not easy nor simple.

How will you help a survivor not hide their feelings?

What can you do to encourage the survivor to open up instead of hide inside?

Who can you help by encouraging them to open up and not to hide?

What are you hiding?

What can you open up to become transparent to others?

What can you learn from a survivor about opening up and hiding things?

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2 responses to “{Hide} Five Minute Friday

  1. How sad that someone wanted you to hide your feelings. I discovered that in sharing our experiences and feelings, we often help other people–we never know when someone is going through the exact same thing we are going through and we shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to help someone else out by letting them know we’ve been there, too!

    • Anita I agree. Amazingly enough, God had his plan set in place for encouragement that day because some understood what was going on that day, the anniversary of the Joplin Disaster…

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