Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado with Candace Lee & Eric Newman {Review}

Chelsea is heading back to San Antonio Texas because of the seperation from her NFL Superstar husband Sawyer. She heads to where she knows and feels comfortable. Chelsea has a big hurdle to go over. She has inherited her grandmother’s old coffee/tea cafe, but she has to pay a certain amount to the IRS in order to have the cafe in good terms again.

Sawyer Chambers is a man who refuses to divorce Chelsea, and is wanting to work it out. Chelsea is unsure of it, for she has some hurts from her marriage to him. Yet, God continues to write their story with family outtings for Hancock’s Birthday to an amusement park. As God slowly weaves his story of Sawyer and Chelsea he is renewing their marriage despite everything that is going on. Sawyer is by Chelsea’s side despite some harsh words and truth that come from her mouth and costs him a job, but God has better plans for them as a family.

The cafe is struggling and Chelsea is wondering what will happen to her dream. The first worker Chelsea hires ends up leaving her because of certain things she cannot provide for him. Yet Manny shows up out of nowhere and begins a blog called God blog. Then things start happening in only way that God can do. People begin to come from all over the San Antonio Area. Chelsea is able to hire another worker who works contently alongside her. Chelsea is also able to make the payments she need in order to gain ownership along the way. She is very trusting of Manny who helps with her children Hancock and Emily.

In this journey, Manny is also trying to reunite Sawyer with Chelsea. God designed marriage for the lifetime and Manny who is angel she in entertaining. Manny is a major key in the book because He has to be on alert for the spiritual warfare that the enemy brings upon His people. A fire erupts in Chelsea’s cafe, and it is scary because Chelsea, Hancock and Emily could lose their life. What does Sawyer do? What about Manny?

Will a miracle be for Chelsea and Sawyer’s Marriage?

Will the children be able to have a family again?

Will Sawyer chose to divorce or not?

Who is Manny? Is he an angel?

What will happen to the cafe?

Will it make it?

What will happen?

You can go Here: Miracle At The Higher Grounds Cafe.

***I received this book from Family Christian. All Opinions are my own.****


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