{Relief} Five Minute Friday

Today is five minute friday where many bloggers will gather together to write on a prompt, time it for five minutes along with not going back to check the grammar etc…but then we gather over @ Kate Motaung and encourage each other there.

Today’s prompt is:


Ready, Set, Go!!!

Relief is going to be needed in Illionis. Yet we do not know what the rating was on the EF scale of a tornado. The area was also a rural farm area. The relief efforts will begin soon. The people who have survived are now going through the grief of what has happened. Relief will eventually be sent up to Rochelle Il and Fairdale IL who was just hit last night. Again, as relief is going to headed up there for helping the survivors (stop). Relief is normal after a disaster strikes but you must be careful when you volunteer during the relief efforts of a tornado/hurricane/flood. These relief efforts will normally be helped with many organizations. Some only go in during huge disasters and others will go even when there are small disasters. It is best right now that that those who are trained in emergency procedures to get into the disaster zone and to provide the relief right now but eventually we as God’s children will need to begin sending the relief to Illinois. Remember to currently let those in the disaster areas to provide the relief currently, and to let those who live there to get to their home.


May 22,2011 The storm leaving behind.

Ways not to provide relief: Do not go to the disaster sites, they will not let anyone in who was not living in the area of the disaster. Do not go in and videotape until the are is open to the public, and it has been months since the disaster.

Ways to provide relief:
1. send clothes, books (especially encouraging ones)
2. send stuff animals for the children who need an animal for security
3. Send many things such as hairdryers, curling irons, heating pads etc…
4. Supplies, such as cleaning, feminine needs etc…

Please as relief efforts begin, first begin to pray for all the survivors. Pray for acceptance in the new life, but also let them relate their story to anyone who needs to will listen to them. This journey is just beginning and it is just the start. This journey starts with relief efforts at the beginning to those who start the rescue to God’s people helping them.

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5 responses to “{Relief} Five Minute Friday

  1. Sarah, thank you for the practical reminders of how we can give relief to those struck by tragedy. Your tips of what to/not to do are helpful. And, thank you for the call to pray for those who survived the tornado.

    I’m your FMF neighbor. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Many times it is just our nature to go in a help but not realizing that there are dangers involved. Thankful I had all night to stew on this.

  2. Thank you for your practical tips here! Stopping by from Grace & Truth. 🙂

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