{Good} Five Minute Friday

Today is five minute friday and this is where many bloggers gather together to write for five minutes with no editing, no grammar checks nothing. This is where we get to write our hearts out. Write what is on our hearts. Each week it begins with a new prompt. A prompt that is for all of us.

Today’s Prompt is: Good

Ready Set Go!


This is a picture of last year as storm season was breaking out in the area I live in. This storm produced the EF1 Tornado that swept through Baxter Springs KS.

Good. Storms can be good when they bring the rain to water the lawns. They can be good when it is a steady rain. A nice slow rain for the day. Yet even in the good storms there can be the storms that are a struggle. These are the storms that come up unexpectedly. These are the storms that pop up. And yes some of these can be good. Some may be good at the beginning but end up being rough. Southwest Missouri and surrounding areas have had a rough night but yet they have been good in ways. This area of the plain states locals know that a tornado shelter is good to have. Shelters are good because this is one of the safest places to be in the storms that roll here throughout the storm season.

As good as this sounds, it is even better with the fact that it is good that God is with us every day. It is good that He is faithful, unchanging friend. Last night while in the shelter I was singing a children’s (Stop) hymn from the BSF (Bible Study Fellowship – http://www.bsfinternational.org) preschool hymn. I was singing under my breath while everyone was talking. Yet I want to share the words with everyone.

“How good is the God we Adore, Our Faithful unchangable friend, His love is as great as his pow’r and knows neither measure nor end.” Vs 1

This is one hymn I have memorized very well and this is good. It is good for many reasons. It helped me get through the storm while in the shelter. It is good that God placed this song on my heart. So thankful that our God is so very good. Very good. He knows what we need on our hearts. He knows how to distract us. He knows and he is good.

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2 responses to “{Good} Five Minute Friday

  1. My daughter is in Saint Roberts, Missouri. I’m glad your family was safe. Some good comes from all things. Thanks for your post, A FMF friend.

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