Confessions of A Prodigal Son {Review} {#FCBloggers}

Confessions of a Prodigal son is based upon the parable in the Gospels, The prodigal son.


Sean is tired of living under his parents home. Tired of being a pastor’s kid who has so many pressures as to how he should act. How his life is to be lived. Tired of being told of what to do and when to do it. Sean just wants to live his way and it doesn’t matter. Sean chooses to leave his parents home, and to go live the way of the world but not to look back. He is given half his college fund, but has to make an A in order to receive the second half of it. Sean enrolls in the school of his choice taking his classes. Spending his fund on what he wants but not on what the fund was originally set up for. Sean parties in the ways of the world living life up to the world’s standards. Drinking every night to get rid of those memories of being a pastor’s kid.

The english class he is enrolled in the professor has his students writing his story, and throughout the whole entire movie it is focused on the paper. What is their stories of their lives and what are the meanings of this story. The story that Sean is writing is based on his adventures of living the life in the world. Living it free with no restraints until he meets Allye. A young girl who has had her mother raise her since she was three years old. Raised by her mom who was an older teen mom. Allye is still very unsure of Sean who is coming across as an arrogant young man. She has no interest in Sean at first and yet has a curiousity. As the movie progresses, they slowly open up to each other. Sean opens up emmensely as to what has led him to this place. To this time in his life where he is roaming free with no rules.

As the story of the prodigal son progresses in God’s True Word, we see the son beginning to lose all of what he has worked for in the world’s perspective and it all comes crashing down upon him. Crashing down to the point where he is kicked out of his apartment (due to rent money) and kicked out of school all on the same day. He has no money and almost no friends with the exception of one friend. Sean now has to figure out what he is going to do. Of course the parable tells that the young man in the parable gets a job feeding pigs, which was a very lowly job for a young Jewish man. Sean now has to become a janitor and beging cleaning bathrooms which is considered a lowly job. Yet as He works his janitorial job, this is when he realizes how good he had it with his parents.

Sean, like the prodigal son heads home and is greeted in the way a prodigal son is greet. Welcomed to eat at the dinner table again. Welcome to worship and have joys with his family. A Family celebration with Sean introducing Allye to His parents.

What was the turning point to bring Sean home?

How did his friend try to keep him in his world?

What do you see in Sean that represents yourself as the prodigal son or daughter?

Name one thing you can pray for a family member’s prodigal child?

Are you the prodigal child in this parable?

What are you running from God? Do you need to come to God and make things right with Him?

This journey is what everyone is on. We are all prodigal children of God in one way or another. This movie did start out slow but drove the truth home that we are welcome to come back to God our Father. Each character represents a person who is either finding out who God is to running away from God. The professor and the dean are the roadblocks in which where God is trying to draw us back to him. He wants us to be in an intimate relationship with him. And He will eventually brings us back to him in one way or another.

This movie is a first for Nathan Clarkson who is called to the movie business. As for him writing, that just blew me away. Kevin Sorbo who stars in God’s Not Dead, delievers a father who wants his son back.

You can purchase the Confession of A Prodigal Son Here.

I am speechless and struggling for words. So I will let everyone know I received this movie from Family Christian for my own viewing and review. The summerization and review are all my own opinion.


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