Today Storm Season Begins

Storms are coming tomorrow to the plain states. These storms will only have us in a Tor-Con 3 (which basically means there is a 30% of a tornado). Yes it may seem low, but we have to take anything seriously because this number can change  and it could change quickly. Since the 2011 tornado, this time of the year scares some of the survivors. These survivors have panicked due to the stress of the 2011 disaster.

It is during this time of the year we have to prepare for hunkering down. This is not always easy. Sometimes we have to do it in the middle of the night. Sometimes the sirens go off at odd times, like in the middle of the night. Sometimes the cops have to drive up and down the street to warn us about the danger of the storm. Yet part of preparing for severe storms is this. Have a shelter that you can go to. Since there are many places out there who make storm shelters please chose the right one which is in your budget etc. Storm shelters are important this time of the year. They are very important. They protect you when you need it most.

Now since today is the beginning of the weather that comes in that is so severe and it actually started end of February/beginning of March. Sometimes it overlaps with the last part of winter. Once in a blue moon we will get a snowstorm in April. This start of the season is normal. We are used to preparing and getting ready to take shelter.

Yet you are wondering what could we do for the survivors who have survived the tornado in 2011?
1. You can continue to pray for survivors who are struggling with the storms coming through.

2. Pray for calmness in the homes in the disaster zone. Pray that they feel the presence of God and pray that He gives them a song to sing.

3. Pray that the children will feel calm & safe.

4. Pray for the schools and the buses with children on them will be safe and that God will get them to their home safe and sound.

5. Pray for the schools to make the right decisions in regard to the upcoming weather this afternoon.

6. Pray for those who are scared of the storms that God will grant them peace and joy.

7. Pray for homes that the damage will not be what to bad etc…

8. Pray for the alerts to go out quick easy and smoothly

9. Pray for the electricity to stay on in the homes, and not go out during the storm

10. Pray for families to be prepared in case they have to take shelter from the storm.

11. Pray for those who are disabled/unable to care for themselves that they would have someone who will protect them and get them to shelter.

12. Most of all just pray over the area that have been hit by weather before and that the town will be calm amidst severe weather.

I know this may sound redundant in many aspects. Yet this is reality for many who live in the area of severe weather. This reality is normal and is part of everyday life. It is so normal that it sometimes jumps at us when it suddenly comes up. This is the way of life for those of us who live in the plain states. Life has always been an adventure. An adventure when life turns upside down. Sometimes it hurts to see what has happened to others but when those images that are from a disaster are displayed across the screen, please immediately begin to pray for those who are affected by the storm/tornado that just turned their life upside down.


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