The Fringe Hours and Sarah

We as women have pockets of time that are sometimes swallowed away when we are unaware of the time that is missing. Sometimes we need to search it out and actually see where they are. When I began this book study by Bloom – through (in)courage I was struggling with a foot problem and It was painful. I had to sit most of the time and struggling to get my housework done. I sat there just a struggling because of my foot and how much I was falling behind in the work.

Enter the book The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner. She wrote on how she was able to find time in ability to find time in her day to spend time doing things she liked along with many things. She invested in herself in order to give herself back to her family. My family is a main priority, and I felt bummed that I could not help out with my family’s chores, but yet my husband has loved me enough to help me with everything. Yet as I was healing my foot I was able to rest and just relish being in His Word.

As I still am searching for the Fringe hours in my days. This is something that I have scattered throughout the day. Sometimes I have time when I go and pick up my bonus girl from school. I use the library to study for my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship –, and to do my children’s lesson. There are times I will use my hour at the coffee shop to look either at Facebook, write on my blog, or perhaps read blogs (which is what I do before I look @ Facebook), there are times when I want to just write or doodle for the fun of it. I also am still looking for reading the Bible in 100 days. At one point I was a week behind, but then I got caught up, and now I am ahead by a day.

Fringe hours are in our everyday lives and we need to know and seek them out. We get frustrated when we do not have the enough hours to do everything we need to do. We get frustrated when we cannot figure out how to get things done. Yet there are hours in the day that we are not doing anything. These little hours or perhaps minutes in our day that we have. We have a few minutes while waiting for family members whether at work or school. Times when we have time while waiting in the doctors office. Times we can be writing while watching a TV show (which I am doing now) to writing when I need to.

As I sit here writing after a full morning of teaching in BSF, and getting the rest I need after a full morning. Yet I would not give this up for anything. There are many times I use my fringe hours to work on my BSF study and teaching materials. As I study God’s True Word and teach His Word by listening to the Holy Spirit. There are times that I struggle while working on my lesson and children’s lesson but yet sometimes when I cannot answer the question or the Holy Spirit has given me my answer yet. Sometimes it is the matter of putting aside and working on something else such as me writing.

Then the other items I work on during my fringe hours is reading books for a company and getting the word out. I also am working on a few launch teams. Sometimes It does take me longer to get the book out, but again I am working with them throughout my fringe hours. They can be a joy, but when I am tired and cannot concentrate I just stay still and listen to the radio. Other times I crochet.

The Fringe hours is not about Time management, but about finding the times that are there in our days so that we can do things that are ours. To take back what makes me me. To find rest in a manner that we need. To find ourselves the time we need to rest and to know who He a wee bit better. For a life that is lived to the fullest. Lived to glorify God and who we are in Him.

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2 responses to “The Fringe Hours and Sarah

  1. “…So that we can do the things that are ours” ~ I like that. Well said. 🙂
    Hope your foot feels better soon.

    • Thank you Brenda! 🙂 I am doing better but it is one day @ a time with my foot. In God’s Time it will Heal and he is definitely in control.

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