{Review} Berenstein Bears Cookbook, Cooking with Cubs #Fcblogger #familyChristian


What a Suprise when I opened this envelope from Family Christian. It suprised me but also made me sad because at the time I received it I had no little nephew cubs around at the time, but I do plan on sharing it with my sister in laws for their little bear cubs. The recipes are very simple, and straight forward. This will enable to cubs (aka your child) will be able to complete from breakfast to dessert. Each one of these recipes have simple ingredients to cook with. They include breakfasts lunch snacks and dinner. What more could you ask for as you train your little cub up in cooking. This had so many recipes to choose from I had a hard time choosing one (for budget purposes), but I plan to make more recipes out of the cookbook. Simple instructions to follow and fun for both Mama bear and Papa bear along with their cubs who are now just learning how to cook. What better way to help a niece cub or nephew cub to learn how to cook.

The recipe I chose to make is lettuce wraps which includes the following ingredients: plain yoguart (i chose greek), Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, a cucumber, mint (i chose fresh mint), lemon juice and salt. It was such a simple process.



1. You cut the tomatoes and the cucumber into small pieces.
2.  Mix the yoguart, salt, lemon juice, and mint for the dressing
3. Place the tomatoes and cucumber on a romain leaf of the lettuce and drizzle over the cucumbers and tomatoes.



This is just one example of the great recipes in the cookbook. There is such a variety in the cookbook, and I cannot wait to try more of the recipes. This has soups in the lunch/dinner section that I cannot wait to try. Along with all the recipes in the book, there is dialogue in between the recipes of the Berenstein bears all cooking together as familly. This has recipes that are just so simple. I know I am excited about a simple children’s cooking with mama bears that it can help those who are single and need simple recipes. I believe the next recipe to try is the mug cake or brownie. It all begins in the cup so this is the next one to try.

I wished I could have included more recipes in this post, but with the budget I thought a simple dish might be best to include. The recipes are colorful and pretty in the book. Like this:


The list of ingredients are labeled and catches your attention as every mama bear and cub begin to cook. Teaching children how to cook is especially important. The cubs would love to learn how to cook out of this book.

You can purchase Berenstein Bears Country Cookbook Here.

I received this Berenstein Bears Cookbook from family Christian for my person and honest opinion. All opinions are my own. Yes this is a book worth purchasing….


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