Storm Preparation For Storm Season 2015


With every storm season comes the tornadoes that do damage, some little some wipe out towns from one side to another. This storm season may possibly be like the one in 2011 where Tuscaloosa Alabama was hit along with Joplin Missouri. The thing is these storms can do damage but the key thing is are you prepared?

Preparation is very key in the plain states along with the northern counties in Alabama, down to Texas. Do you have everything together in a spot that you can just grab and go to your shelter? Are certain things for your children ready for them as you take shelter? What key components are you missing?

A storm shelter is very important in this season. Many may not believe that an EF5 tornado could hit, but here is the key. The key is to have a storm shelter in a place where you can get to it fast. Many companies are now selling storm shelters. These shelters will vary in the way they are built and what type of metal they use. Some have pictures as to what their products have gone through. Some have pictures where the shelter had either gone through the storm safely or not. Twistersafe is the company my family used. They have a deep passion for shelters to protect families through a tornado. Their shelters have survived the 2011 Joplin EF5 tornado that destroyed 1/3rd of the city. Two have made it. Last year when Baxter Springs, KS was hit a family had a twistersafe, and were protected from the EF1 tornado. Please do the research into the storm shelters. Ask for proof or testimonials about their shelters. Again do not be afraid to ask these questions because It is a life and death measure when an EF5 Tornado hits your town.

The next step is getting an emergency kit ready with two pairs of clothes for each member of the famiy. Good sturdy shoes for walking because there will be stuff all over the place. You do not want to have flimsy shoes due to the sharp objects on the ground nor do you want to be without shoes. Plus a first aid kit with everything in it, along with everything else you need. You will need everything in a bag ready to go.

Papers. We all have papers. Yet we have the very important papers. You will need your certificates all together, plus SSN cards along with every important paper that is important to your family. Without these documents it can be very rough without them. Check your insurance coverage to be sure everything you have is covered. Structure maybe covered but not eveything in the house will be covered. It might be a great Idea to place everything in a lockbox in the shelter so you have everything together and ready to go for the next phase after it becomes a disaster.

Pictures of everything you own. Taking pictures of everything you own will help you remember the contents of your home. These pictures will help you make a list of everything you own. It will also help you know what you owned with out the struggle of trying to remember what you owned. Most times when make this contents list without pictures you will most likely forget what contents you had. This is something that could be taken and placed on a flash drive through you video camera. After you video the contents of your home go ahead and place it in your lockbox or with your important papers.

As I sit here writing this on the verge of a very possibly active storm season, I pray that these words will take these words and figure out what needs to be done for your family. How often do we forget about things and do not do them which can leave to sorrow if not done properly. The spring storms can pack a punch when it comes to bad weather. These storms will hit at the most unexpected times. Times right before the family heads out to vacation. Times when the family is getting items for a house repair. During this season please remember your pets. They know what is going on and some yes do bark. Let us remember to bring them into safety with us.

As you read this, know that God is beside you as you prepare for this storm season. Keep praying for guidance as you  prepare for everything. I hope that this helps you prepare for this upcoming storm season. Remember God is beside you everytime you walk. As God’s children He knows you by name and he will guide you in the way you walk.

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