{Review} The Case For Grace – A Journalist Explores the Evidence of Transformed Lives by Lee Strobel

Come journey along Lee as he explores God’s evidence of grace in the changing of lives through his son Jesus. Lee shares several stories of how grace changed lives of those all around the world. Lee asks the question to those who could have turned the direction and gone the way of the world, but God kept his hand on them.

Lee begins with his own story about the broken relationship with His own father. How the relationship was strained and they did not have the typical father-son relationship. Lee’s dad always thought he was a mistake, but God had other plans. Yet Lee could not connect the dots between Fathers, Faith and God. This led him to another story similar to his.

Stephanie was an orphan, who had a mother who was Korean and a father who was American, possibly an officer. Stephanie now lives in Denver with her husband who is a former missionary but as they talked she begins to relive it. She has no clue as to when she was born but knows it is the same era as Lee. She recounts her earliest memory of how her life was with her mom, but her mother’s parents arranged a marriage with a man who she could finally marry, but he would only accept her mother not her. So in an effort to get rid of her daughter she took her to the train station where she was to be “picked up by an uncle” which never happened. She was one of the few thousands of orphans now on the streets. She was considered very low on the totem pole. it wasn’t until she was between a woman took her in. Later on Stephanie was adopted, and eventually understood the difference between a servant and a daughter.

This is just one story that Lee shares on his journey to coming to Christ. Lee shares several more stories or interviews from homeless, to adultery, pastoralship, running from God. Each story points to God’s grace and coming back to the Father. Each story has played a key role in Lee’s journey to Christ. These were stories that had not been published into his books Case for Christ. This is the first printing.

I truly enjoyed the book, and it gave me insight into how God’s grace works. It is worth picking up. I am grateful for reviewing this book for Family Christian bookstores.

***I received the book from Family Christian to review, and all opinions are my own.***

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please purchase The Case for Grace by Lee Strobel  Here.


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