It is March — Storm season begins….


March is the month in which we begin severe weather prep work before weather hit. Sometimes it takes time for the weather to Hit. We typically have some pretty severe storms where in the middle of the night the sirens are going off. These sirens go off for our protection. The storms come quickly but we sometimes have to be alert every night or perphaps day. There is always a chance of rain each day in the spring. These moments yes put us on the edge but yet those of us who know what it is like to be on edge makes us more aware of what a severe storm can and will do to a home.

As a child who grew up with in the Midwest Tornado belt, and yes it can get pretty active. Active enough to produce a tornado. Sometimes it can be an intense spring storm. Sometimes it takes an extremely harsh weather to make sure everyone is paying attention.

Some may wonder why I write on this topic. May wonder oh it has been 4 years since the 2011 Joplin Tornado. Yes, it has been four years since the disaster, we need to ready to go into shelters at a moments notice because the weather can change drastically and pretty quickly. It is a storm that we never mess with it.

Yet you may wonder what about the survivors? The survivors now hopefully have learned how to cope when the sirens go off. I was at the library one day that Missouri was doing the statewide test and yes I forgot about it. I forgot about it even though I read about it the night before. I also realized it would have been quite a treat to get my dog and I in the shelter with the way I was feeling. He would have balked with me but then he would have cuddled with me somehow. Severe weather after the tornado has changed drastically since the 2011 disaster. Some may not be ready for this year, because each survivor has different coping mechanisms. Some survivors struggle with certain things.

Yet with El Nino things will change, and I do not know how much it will effect this storm season. I do no know what the storm season will be like, and I know it may be much more rainy than normal. It could be much dryer than normal. I am unsure, but the one thing is for sure is those that storm season is upon us and it is going to happen. The activity of the weather has yet to begin. Yet when it begins it begins. It will have a week of intense storms possibly hail and tornadoes in the Midwest, then the upper part of Alabama, to the upper Midwest. Tornado ally is bigger than what you might think it.

As these areas prepare for the weather. Those who have shelter for the tornadoes be sure to have what you need such as important papers, documents, and that its ready for you to be in it. That it is sprayed and ready for occupancy. Ready to take shelter when the sirens go off. Ready to be there quickly, no matter the time of day or night.

Here is the Weather Nation 2014 Tornado Outlook for the 2014 storm season.


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