{Review} Luther on the Christian Life: Cross and Freedom by Carl R Truman

Martin Luther, the starter of the Great Reformation by nailing the 95 thieses to the church door in 1595. Yet Luther has so much information that sheds light on the beliefs of the Middle Ages. Martin Luther has so much detail in his beliefs and some of it can go over the head because it is so deep and words need a dicitonary to look it up in order to understand the words.

Carl Trumen wrote an in depth book about Martin Luther and his beliefs along with how he approached life. Carl showed us (the modern church and the middle ages church) and how they differ from each other while bringing in Martin Luther’s perspective. Luther’s persepective is deep, but yet lines up with the middle ages day, but yet He also has disagreements with those in the church of that day. As his pastoral ministry continues He continues to reform it to try to reach others who need to hear about Jesus and the works of the cross and baptism.

Marriage was also very good for Martin & his wife Katie, and he loved the fact that they both loved the same beer. They were great for each other. He thought that she was the best for him. Married life was great for them both. In fact Martin and Katie entertained students and fellow ministers in their home exposing their children to their beliefs and friends.

Yet there was heartbreak for Luther and his wife Katie, when they lost their daughters, Magdalene and Elizabeth. From this experience Luther understood that death was in this life and there was nothing we can do to stop it. He also understood that with His children, he understood that we all need a childlike faith and vowed to be that way.

Now onto the doctrinial side of the book, in which some of it was over my head in some ways due to the information and the way it was presented. It was worth reading but also a good idea to revisit the book chapters one at a time. Spending more time comparing the scriptures to the middle ages beliefs and our modern day beliefs (in how they are similar and how they are different). Now this would be great for any library of anyone who studies in a deep form and can take time to sit and to immerse in it.

You can purchase it @ Family Christian Store or Through the link provided.

****I received this book for my honest reveiw from Family Christian Stores. All opinions are my own. *****


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