{Open} Five Minute Friday

Today is Five minute Friday @ Kate Motaung. This is where many blogger gather together to write on one prompt for five minutes with no going back to check or even correct grammar but to write from the start. Are you willing to join us?

Today’s Prompt is….Open


Open. We open many things but many times we have to wait upon God to open the right doors in His timing not our own. We struggle to wait for his open door but yet we try to do our own things during this time. Sometimes the doors open in a unique way, and sometimes they open in a subtle way. Yet they may be open right before your eyes.

Finances if not done God’s way there may not even be an open door to go and do things that you want to do. The open door would then be the financial class that you need to take such as Financial Peace University. Take it and the doors open for you in more things to do and to reach out to others.

For survivors it is hard to keep the doors open, hard to find open doors but to see someone walking beside you in the pain. Those who know your pain and your story know that to open the doors to share is difficult but if God calls you to open the doors to the sharing then take it. {stop} Yet If the doors had not open I would not be sharing my story with you.

Are you part of a Bible study that you have been called to be a leader of? I know this is may seem nerve wracking, but are you willing to be obedient to God and step through and receive the blessing? Blessings are there when you step through the open door and obey God in what he has called you to do. Blessings come in unbelieveable forms. Blessing come when teaching the children in the Bible study who study the exact same lessons you do as a mommy or daddy. What have you said to the person who has called you to lead a group of women or teach children? Are you willing to say yes, knowing the journey might be hard but the reward oh so great?

What doors do you need opened?

What steps do you need to do to step through an open door?

Where do you need to repent in order to move through the open door?

How willing are you to step through an open door when God has called you?

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