What Movie Will You Choose to Watch?

Movies are out today that deal with love. Many are just the comedy love stories where everything ends fine.

On Valentine’s Day two movies have come out, 50 Shades of Grey, or Old Fashioned.

One movie gravitates to the World and its principles. One movie gravitates to God and his principles.

One showcases abuse, one showcases chivalry.

One displays the wrong type of love, while the other movie showcases God’s love.

One is pornography, one is not.

One is the world’s perspective, one show what love is from God’s Perspective.

50 Shades of Grey came out three years ago in 2012, and It was a hit from the start. The store could not keep them in stock. Yet they could never stay in their section. The books were always on a display. A display that was out in the open for all to see. The more I saw the books through the line, the more disinterested I became. I truly was honest with others about the book, and told customers I had no interest and I meant what I said.

50 Shades of Grey is classified genre is Erotica. Which means it is pornography. Pornography is sin. It is sin. When we induldge in sinful desires etc, and try to come to talk with God, he cannot stand the sin that you have induldged in. God is holy and cannot stand the sight of sin in our lives. Yet we seek out forgiveness with confessing it before.

Do you want to chose His way or your way?

What will you fill your mind with? The world or God’s plan?

Will you choose to let Jesus help you make the right decisions and help?

Will you choose to take the stand #against50shadesofgrey?

What is your choice? The world’s way or God’s Way?

Will you choose to be the light to those who are taken by the world of the book?

What will you say to your friend who wants you to read the book?

Are you willing to boycott the movies and the books in order for your relationship with Christ to be protected along with your marriage?

What is your choice? To obey our Holy God or to be disobedient?

What book would you recommend to others in place of the book?

Are  you willing to pray for a friend who has been in bondage to erotice/porn?

We need to choose to fight this battle with the Word. We fight for what is TRUTH. For His truth will set us free. No matter which way you look at it, it is sin, when you choose to pick up the book. People who are curious need to know that this book will do more harm than good in their marriages. Harm.  What a word. Harm to life, and yes embarressment for the women who have choosen to read erotica. Some are seeking intimacy while other just want to have a change up from their normal reading genres.

Please pray before you approach someone who is reading these types of books. We want to be the light to the world and shine in the darkest places. Sometimes we are the only Jesus they will ever see. Keep praying until you hear the first trumpet, and then the second trumpet. Make wise choices that will glorify Him in all that you do. Choose to live a pure life in front of a holy God.

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