My stance On Fifty Shades of Grey

As I sit here, knowing that Valentine’s Day** is coming up quickly. This is the day we think about the one we love. This is the day we want to give them something special. Something that we hope they will cherish. Perhaps a pretty necklace. What about an engagement ring? What books does your significant other love to read? Christian? Biography? A Certain Series?

I know this is a very hard topic to talk about especially among women and what they read. Many claim that this book is just a book. The genre is okay. Yet this book is full of lies and deception. Fifty Shades of Gray is in the Erotica sections of bookstores on endcaps, out right in front of you. Many times women pick this book thinking it is so harmless but in essence isn’t. As a former bookstore employee, I remember selling the book in my line constantly. At one point it was bought in almost every transaction.  This is one book I will not buy nor purchase any of this type in the section it comes from.

It is what many people are calling “Mommy Porn” to make pornography soft and harmless when in all actuality it harms the relationship. It harms the intimacy. It harms period. It is sad that many women are buying into the lie that satan is feeding many men and women. It is said that porn and heroin have the same addiction in the brain. The world says this is okay, but God’s Word says otherwise.

One thing we need to do is Call SIN What it IS. We need to call it what it is. Why? Because we cannot be pure in front of a Holy God who abhors sin. He created us to worship Him, and we should worship with everything we have got. This means confessing the sin to him, and letting him cleanse us from it.

Two we need to say no to the books/book section where it is in, and yes no to a movie. We need to be able to tell others we are choosing to keep ourselves pure for our spouses and our for future relationships. No does not mean maybe, possibly, or borrowing it from a friend, but No means No. It means to keep it out of my life by not asking about or even hinting about the book. It means choosing to say no to the movie too.

Three we need to not be deceived by the world. This world will throw anything at us so that we can stray from the narrow path. This world deceptions is hard I know but we need not to be highly aware of them. We need to be innocent as doves but sly as foxes. We need to be highly aware of the deceptions.

Four we need to keep feeding ourselves continually with God’s Word. Feed ourselves and know what His Word says. If we do not feed ourselves His Word will fall prey to what the world around us is doing. We fall prey to the world and what it entices us to do. Yet being in God’s True Word tells us what our boundaries are and what we need to do to keep our mind and focus on Him. The deeper we study God’s Word the more we know the risen Saviour, The Great I AM. We know Him, He knows us, and guides us through everything. No matter what the circumstances are He is the one who tells us which direction to go.

Now I know that many will have arguments as to how 50 Shades of Grey will help them, but yet in my heart I cannot do this. The intimacy I have I do not want to lose. I want to have the devotion to my vows with out the world affecting it in this degree. It saddens my heart that many women chose to read it when they are missing intimacy in their marriage. Missing something so they turn to something and almost anything. Sometimes it is a young women seeking out a relationship but this book is one that leads to abuse of the main character. Young women will be roped in and enslaved to what most people is called “soft porn” but it is nonetheless is pornography.

It is sad to see women seek out the intimacy in a different spot than ever before. It is sad that they want intimacy from a different source. They think that If men can do this, why can’t I? This is where we need to continually guard our intimacy. The less guarded you are in your marriage the more problems can come knocking on your door. “Come on in Murphy” we might as well say into the marriage. Murphy will wreck havoc on our marriages as well as our finances. Would you rather be ready and prepared to fight for your marriage and finances?

Therefore as I write this with knowing this. Many will try to justify that reading 50 Shades of Grey is okay, but I choose not to sway from my stance. I also choose to delete any comment that is not giving Glory to God or honors God. I know this is a touchy subject, but my stance stays the same. I am a Daughter of the King and I choose to read what honors and glorifies Him, but I want others to know that You can turn back to Him. Return to you first love. Return to the intimacy of your marriage. 

**Valentine’s Day Has come and gone….Written before Valentine’s Day

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2 responses to “My stance On Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for putting into words these truths of this subject. Thank you for making your stand for the Lord clear and for not expressing a muddy sort of truth. It is all too easy to become wishy washy with what we believe and to let what is actually sin slide into our thinking and our lives. Well said.

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