{Review} The Crimson Cord by Jill Eileen Smith

We all have heard the story of Rahab and the spies. We have heard how she saved the spies from being killed in Jericho. We know only of her heroic efforts but yet we do not know much of is her background with the exception that she was a protestitute.


The story begins with Rahab and her husband Gamal who loves the gaming homes. Gamal who had saved the Prince of the City of Jericho was given a new home, but chose to moved elsewhere in the city where he could be close to the gaming houses and gamble away the prize money. Gamal is also abusing Rahab. Everything will begin to change when Gamal needs to bring an account of how he spent his money in front of the prince he saved. Gamal tries to avoid giving the account to the prince, but realizes he has no choice. In order to make sure his account looks better, and so Gamal demands a smaller debt be paid to him by having him thrown into prison. The Table then turn on Gamal, and he is sold into slavery along with Rahab. To serve a counselor to the King. A Protestitute. She also had been given the gift to make baskets out of flax.

After Rahab was sold, she began her service in repaying the debt that her husband had wracked up. She begins to service the counselor Debir who works for the King. She satifies him. Eventually there is talk between Debir who “wants to marry her”. Yet this is hope for her, but it falls through. So she now continue to service men who Debir brings to her. Everyone thought she was barren, and she ends up expecting a child whom Debir wants to get rid of. Debir manages to have her get rid of the child. Her protector has also paid the price. He still was able to continue to protect her. She fires all the ones who had been spies for Debir and hired her own sister and cook for her.

Israel at this moment is across the Jordan. The whole city of Jericho is terrified because they have heard all the thing Yahweh has done from the time the Israelites have left Egypt. The whole city is in panic. Everyone is scared as to when and how the Israelites will attack the city.

Meanwhile, Joshua is getting ready to send spies into the city to see what the city of Jericho is like. What is happening inside the city, and if there is anyone in the city who fears the Lord and believes in Him. Salmon and Michael ventured into Jericho as spies. As they are walking around the city, they realize that the city is on high alert for any one from Israel. They also realize that the city is in panic because of the Israelites. Rahab is out walking around the city and pulls in the spies and hides them in the flax. She tells them everyone is scared of them. Yet she tells them she believes in Yahweh.

Salmon and Michael tell her to bring her entire family in order to be saved or to be killed. Rahab manages to convince her family to be saved.

What will happen to Rahab’s family? Will they believe in the Yahweh?

Will Rahab believe in the One True God?

Will Rahab be able to marry an Israelite?

Where is Rahab’s place in the nation of Israel?

I give this book Five stars for the historical ficiton and how close the accuracy was very well. It is well written and a blessing to be read by others. I am blessed with a privledged to read it. I am blessed and thankful for Family Christian for giving me this opportunity to read it and to review it. I want to be able to have the words to share to tell you this is such a worth read to pick up. Such a good book that is hard to put down. I normally can read books in one day depending on the length, but I had to take two days. I also received it on the weekend, and was so excited to read it.

You can purchase The Crimson Cord —> Purchase Here

I received the Crimson Cord by Jill Eileen Smith from Family Christian for my open and honest review.

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