{Review} Hope For The Weary Mom #Choosehope

I am excited about being on the blog tour for Hope For the Weary Mom with Brooke Mcglothlin and Stacey Thacker. You can find out more and join the tour by clicking here.

Weary. Tired. Mommyhood. Hope for the weary mom by Brooke Mcglothlin and STacy thacker of Hope for The Weary Mom wrote it for moms who are tired. Worn down. Struggling with mommyhood. Giving out hope when the times are rough, in the midst of parenthood. Reminding us that God will meet us in the mess of our lives. We are also not alone in this journey. Everywhere around us, mommies are tired with little bits, with their boys, with their daughters, with all their children, weary because of everything they are doing.

Brooke and Stacey are inviting us into the journey of their mess in mommyhood, and want you as a mommy to know that you are not alone. I am not alone with my journey in my bonus mommy experience. They have encouraged me by their blog and now by their book (I missed the first edition of the book but not this edition.) I have fallen in love knowing I am not alone in this messy journey. It has touched my heart because of the honesty and transparency in the book.

Let me journey back three and a half years ago when I was fired from my job and trying to search out a new job to help my family. Yet God had other intentions with this route and not the other route I was to go. One day while searching for a job, but also crying in the midst of the struggle of everything but also the journey of being a stepparent or a bonus parent had just begun. A journey which was going to be weary and exhusting through everything. It was also a journey of me being able to do things I need to stand up and to be able to do. Yet this journey was not without tears because I at first felt like I was a failure because I could not get an interview, even amidst the push to get one for the help of my husband with finances. As I have written earlier this wasn’t God’s plan. A plan for me to eventually move into the Stay At Home Mom after many frustrateing dead ends but in the end God has provided the way for me to stay home, and continues to do so. As I began to parent I was exhusted, and frustrated at times but yet in the long run God has begun to work through me and to be an example to her through me being tired. Yet I continued to set an example for her, there were moments that parenting wore me out. As she grows older and makes me weary with tears of joy, sadness, and everything in between.

As I have said, It has been a journey since I found Hope for the Weary mom blog but thankful for it. One of the best thing about the book is the extra appendices at the end. There are examples of both Stacey and Brooke’s personal life.

Yet this can also apply to those who have gone through a disaster. A disaster that has made them wearier than they should be. Weariness of getting things together. Making sure the children are in care of a trust family member or friend. Remember there is hope. Hope for you to rest as you make the hard decisions that will fully bring everyone together again. This journey as a mama may be hard but hang on and #choosehope choose hope for you, your family, your children. Most of all don’t give up even when everyone is wanting your attention. Keep choosing hope even when everything is in chaos around you. Choose to focus on Jesus when it is a struggle during this time as a mommy. Choose hope for the joy of sharing your mommy in the trenches during the post disaster struggle. Choose hope.

Choose hope. Hope for the journey ahead even when it is hard. Choose hope when you need it the most. Choose hope even when everything else seems foolish to everyone else. Choose hope. Choose hope and blessings to you when you get them. Choose hope even when in the trenches and it is most difficult for you. Choose hope when you need to share Hope for the Weary Mom story to someone. Choose hope when others are seeking the hope you have. Choose hope and be an encourager to other mommies/stepmommies.

Hope is for the Weary Mom is a book about God meeting you where you are, in the messy places of motherhood and finding true Hope (Jesus). You can find out more here.

You can purchase the book here: Amazon, Barnes And Noble,

Meeting with other bloggers here: #Choose Hope – Hope for The Weary Mom

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