{Wait} FIve Minute Friday

Today is Five minute Friday where bloggers come together to write on one topic. Each week it will be a different prompt. Each week we write for five minutes not stopping to think or perhaps to check grammar, but to write what God place on our hearts. We will then come together with each other to show what God has written on our hearts for others to read. We come together @ Kate Motaung to encourage one another through our writing process.

Today’s Prompt is {Wait}


Ready, Set Write!!!!

Wait. We wait until the wedding day. We wait until we are sixteen and can drive a car. We will wait for a lot of things, but not all the time. We need to learn how to wait on the Lord, and he will renew our strength. He renews us with His strength when the hard times are upon us. He renews us while waiting in the longest waits we have had to wait.

I waited on God for the right one to be brought into my life. It was a long tedious wait but I have two great gifts. Gifts that waiting was worth it. Waiting when it seems like there is no one out there. Waiting when you want to give up. Waiting when everything else is gone, and friends are married and already have children. It seems like forever when you wait but not really. It is the best thing. Waiting for the impossible to happen happens. Waiting when you think you have failed. Waiting when we think we done it wrong and someone is mad at us. Waiting for the best to come.

We are waiting for our redemption as the Children of God. Waiting for the return of our Risen King (stop), who will come in on the clouds. Waiting for the Righteous one who loves us so much. Wait.


What does it mean for you?


What are you waiting for?


What is worth its weight in gold for you as you wait?


Are you pausing to wait for the King?


What will you do to Wait upon the Lord?


How will you show mercy while waiting for something or someone?


Who is the one that you are waiting on?


Are you will to save for something as you wait for the best deal possible?


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6 responses to “{Wait} FIve Minute Friday

  1. Great questions for self-reflection! I do think God has something for us to learn or do in every period of waiting.

    Stopping by from FMF. 🙂

  2. Waiting is one of the hardest things we do whether it is in the physical or spiritual realm. The best thing to do when we wait is to serve – like waiting tables. It keeps us productive and takes our focus off of ourselves. Great prompts and lovely photo! I am your neighbor at Fellowship Friday linkup! ~gina

  3. I’m learning that the most precious things come from waiting for God’s timing. Now I have to work at not trying to control others with MY sense of timing ;).

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