Joplin – Update on the School District

It has been four years since the Joplin Tornado destroyed one third of Joplin. Along with destroying many businesses it destroyed many of the schools in the Joplin school system. It has taken a few years to get off the feet to get the school system back in order. Yet my heart is breaking over seeing the arguments that people are giving because or about one person or another. This is heartbreaking. This is about the children who attend these schools. This is about education not about people who are arguing as to who needs to be on the school board. Yes, I know this post may not be what everyone is expecting, but it needs to be spoken.


Arguing with each other about a person is not what needs to be said. There can be untruths there, and it could hurt each of the people who are trying to better the lives of the children in the school system. Yes, you may not agree with what they are doing, but in the long term, what is best by their decision is done. They are looking at the overall picture, not just a tiny snapshot. A picture that is made up of many small snapshots to show everyone what the process has been. It has been rough i know since 2011 but there is no excuse to say things about people you do not even know. Let alone know why God placed them where he did.

We as a city need to continue to pray for what is best for the students in this district but please understand this, prayer changes things. It changes things beyond what you could do. It changes things that we could not do ourselves.  It changes greedy to giving.

Joplin has been doing fairly well getting off the ground after the storm, but the storm after the storm is heartbreaking. Arguments to and fro about this or that. Greed coming from those trying to pull many things to make a story or to actually better Joplin. Money management from one spender to another saver and vise versa. This is not an easy post to write. Yet this is truth coming from within the recovery zone.

Philippians 2:3
3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

This is a set of verses that comes to my mind about the arguing. This is not your agenda, because it is about the kids, but not about the ambition or conceit. Each member is to be humble, valuing others which includes your children. The board members are to look into the interests of others, the children, the school district and then think how it looks to others.

Tit 3:1-2
Saved in Order to Do Good
1 Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, 2 to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and always to be gentle toward everyone.

The school board is the authority. The people – parents etc, and to be obedient to them whether they agree or not. It is the governing body for the school. We need not to be dragging someone else’s name through the mud but to be peaceful and considerate to others. Even when we do not agree with a person on the board. God gave them authority for a reason, and yes we should  respect it. Sometimes you might think a person is not the right person, but God placed them on the school board for a reason. It may not be what is best you thing, but God has his best intentions with them. Those who are on the school board have been given authority by God, and he is the one who can take it away from them, it may last one season and sometimes it is more than one season. God has the best interest in what is best for his children. He can take this authority away from those whose season is long gone but are refusing to listen to his voice.

Talking bad about someone is like slandering someone. Sometimes you may be slandering someone who is trying to get something that will make a difference in your child’s life. Yet you may not see it. It is hard to see, because of the cloud or veil blocking your view. Use your words carefully because you will be held accountable to every careless word spoken. Not by man, but by God. It may not seem careless at the time but upon being in front of God it is careless. Words are needed not to slander someone but to build each other up.

In essence arguing is not going to get anyone anywhere, even if you believe you are right. Working as a team will get you somewhere not all over the map with what we want or someone is doing it all wrong with us.

As I have said, it has been 3.5 year since the disaster. This is what has been going on underneath some of the many behind the scenes as the recovery process has been going on. Along with many other things, Joplin still needs prayer for the recovery effort which includes the schools. Prayer that they use the city’s money right, sticking to a budget, the right attitude toward each other, prayer for the public as they go in and vote putting people on the board of education.

I know that it is not an original post, but yet it needs to be addressed, by prayer and seeking out the Lord in what is right for the city. All I want to do is to honor what the Joplin school board has done up until this point. They have worked their tail end off to get the schools to where they could start on time for the next year. They have worked tirelessly to serve a town that was looking down but now it is on the mend. This mend is slowly healing the wound that the storm has opened. Please continue for Joplin and the school board as they make decisions in the restoration of Joplin.

Pray that the School District with spend the money wisely. Making wise decisions for the students and their families.

Pray that they are aware of the struggles with in the schools, not only to make it better but to make it a better enviroment for learning.

Pray for the School board to display Christ in such a way that they can show that God is working through them to get what is needed for the district.

Pray for the upcoming elections for the Joplin School board would be what God wants in order to accomplish his will and glorify Him.

Pray for no mudslinging during this time. For God to give them wise words to speak about why they want to help the district.

Pray for anything on Social Media that it would only honor and glorify God and not creat strife. For God’s Presence to increase on the social media sites including any blogs or articles written.

Pray for the right people to be put into place on the Joplin School board. For them to listen and know God’s voice as they continue in the recovery process for the Joplin School District.

Pray that God’s hand will be in the process of every step, and that the school board will listen to the voice of God.

Pray for financial decisions to made slowly and methodically. Pray that the board will see what are the postitives and negatives of each side of the decisions.

Pray for a love for the students and their learning that it will be what God wants and not what man wants.


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