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Today is Five Minute Friday, where many bloggers gather together @ Kate Motaung, and write on a one word prompt where we are given a prompt and write upon it. We do no editing nor grammar checks. We then go and encourage each other upon visiting each others blogs. This is my first time to write in  long while due to busyness and everything else in between.

Today’s Prompt is Share….Ready, Set, GO!!!

Share. We are taught to share many things through out the years. Our toys, our lives, and God’s Word. Sometimes we share the hard things such as losing a family member or perhaps the loss of something else. We then think of how they have impacted our life, and what we want to share about them. Sometimes it is remember the short time they were in our lives or perhaps with us. We share so many other things. We share because He is love, and He wants us to go share His love to others even when we have to share the hard things in life.


We share what a dear person this was or what joys were to come, but yet this is shared with How Great and merciful God we have. We share because He loves us. We share our journeys only to reach out to others who are now going along this path we have now travelled. We have many venues to share. We share through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc….but how many times do we share what he is doing in our lives? Do we share what joys and travils in our lives to keep pointing others to him? Do you share to get the direction looking at you or Him? Who do you want to glorify in all this: Yourself or God. It {stop} seems so simple, but do we truly share what God wants us to share.

As His Children we are to be transparent to one another. Sharing the intimate details but knowing that we will be held accountable to one another.Transparent that no matter what the situation is that you can come by your fellow Christian and help them along. Yet no matter where you are at, please let others know what your struggles are. Sometimes we walk in the hardest Bible Studies that want us to be transparent so we can get to know each other at a deeper levels. A level that will bring us closer to Him and to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

What hard thing are you willing to be transparent about?

Are you willing to share the hard things in life so that you can help your fellow brothers and sisters grow deeper in Him?

What are you willing to share?

I challenge you to be willing to share with others your journey. To be transparent in front of others.


Today I am Connecting with 5 Minute Friday – Kate Motaung, Fellowship Friday – Christian Mommy Blogger, Faith Filled Friday — Missional Call


5 responses to “Share – Five Minute Friday

  1. HI
    I am following you at Five Minute Fridays. I too have not “shared” my writing at this #FMFparty for a long time. The word caught my attention this morning. I totally agree – as Christians it is something that we learn – a trust in one another.

  2. Your words of “share” really speak to me today. I share on my blog far more openly than I share with some people in my life (exception: my husband). Maybe I don’t share because far too often the “how are you?” question comes from the surface and they really don’t want to know. These are not really friends but acquaintances in the overall scheme of life, huh? I am thankful I have my husband with whom I can share all and do!
    Yet, I want to be able to share those hard places with some and will be pondering your words. Thanks.
    I love your photo (in sidebar) of the peonies in the pitcher…a favorite flower for it was my Mama’s after roses.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    • Linda – The picture is from a blog I follow called Mercy is New. i love it too. So glad my words touched your heart. Aquaintances are friends who sometimes do not get when we are trying to be transparent with them. Yet our friends do. I think those of us who write and share, can share openly online but yet we are always careful in a way too.

  3. I love sharing when God shows up in my life, and all about my journey – which is why I’m a blogger. But transparency can be another thing! I agree we need to share our struggles. We can’t help each other if we don’t know.

    You made a good point – we have more ways to share in today’s world than ever before. I want to use technology to share encouragement.

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