Waiting On God

Wait Only Upon God

How many of us have a hard time waiting on something? I know I have had a hard time waiting but that has slowly changed over the years. As a child I could not wait until Christmas or perhaps my birthday. Nowadays I have had to wait in order to order my PSK for my oils, my NookHD+ keyboard, and many other things such as clothes.

Yet when waiting on God it sometimes seems harder. We wait for the answer to the prayer (which maybe Yes, No, or Wait). Sometimes the Wait is a whole lot better than what we would have settled for. Yet as we are waiting on God as He is working in the background as we learn how to fully depend upon Him during this time. He has a plan for us and knows everything, but sometime we have to learn how to depend upon him. There are times during this waiting period we turn to our friends, but never truly turn to God.

As we wait our time should be spent time in His Word. Time reflecting on who He is. What He is doing in your Life. Writing out what he is telling us in our quiet time and praying for the needs we have. Having our Bibles written in and underlined, highlighted, and many other things that we need in our walk with our Lord and Saviour.

From personal experience in my own life. In my twenties as I waited for my husband and watching friends getting married and it was a struggle. I kept on waiting, but yet I gave up on dating in my late twenties. I did not have my first date until I was thirty years old. (okay, I now dated myself in many ways.) It was the beginning process of how God was beginning something new. Yet I was almost there. God brought one man who was not the right one but right on his heels was the man I would marry. Who cared enough for me. Who loved me for who I was. This was part of my waiting for the right man who I was to marry. I was also involved in Bible Study Fellowship very deeply. I was also involved in a Lifegroup that was studying God’s Word in depth. These were two key things. God’s Word was a big part of my waiting. If it is a big part of your life, and it helps.

Today is a special day for Candace Crabtree of Mercy is New has a new prayer book out. She wrote it on Waiting for God, and it will help you also in your waiting and keeping your focus on God.

Waiting on God is $7.99, and if you go through the link at the bottom of the page, you not only support Candace but you help support my family through this affliate link. We gladly thank you from the bottom of our heart. This is an affliate link that is disclosed by FTC rules.

Wait Only Upon the Lord

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