Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels {A Review}


God’s True Word

God’s Word is important. Very important. It is the daily bread for those who are in Christ. No matter where you are at in life this book is what we all need to turn to. No matter what is going on in your marriage, each partner should be deeply involved in reading God’s True Word.

The Bible has been a very important part in our life. We as a couple have grown spiritually. We have grown to support each other in our Marriage. We have grown together. We have grown to live a life that is full and abundant. No matter where you are at running the race we race in our spiritual journey we have to have the strength to move forward in Christ.

One thing that I totally caught on with this prompt is that belonging to a Bible Study. A Bible Study that is in depth and in the word constantly. The ones where you walk away with, WOW!!! What a lesson in God’s true Word and I am going to take this lesson home with me and apply these truths to my life. This is a constant in my life and such.

No matter where I have been in my life I have always been in God’s Word. When I worked at an extremely stressful job, my only solace was God’s Word and the promises that were in it. When work got really hard for me, I clung to the truths even tighter.  When the EF5 tornado destroyed my childhood home along with 1/3 of the city of Joplin. I kept clinging tighter and tighter to His Word. When I still walked the long hard road to recovery afterwards, still clinging to his promises. Clinging to what is really true, what is noble, what is kind, what is honorable. God’s Word is the only thing that will stay the same and remain the same. He is constant. He stays the same even when we do change. His Word will always be there.

Many things we can do to stay in the Word regularly. One, reading plans through Youversion Bible (on Android or Apple), Olive Tree (Again, Android or Apple) plus I use Evernote (android or apple) to take notes in while I study. Both of these Bible Apps have note taking capabilities for you to write what the Holy Spirit is telling you.
These notes will help you further to continue praying for your unbelieving spouse, enabling God to work through you in many ways.

Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels is the true story of how God redeemed Juana and her husband for God’s plan and His glory. It all began with “finding the right soulmate” when God’s purpose and plan was to bring a fully redemption and to honor God. Juana was not saved when she left her husband but God brought her to saving grace. She begins the journey without knowing God nor Jesus as her personal saviour. Jesus brought Juana and her husband to such a close relationship, together as a couple they now serve God and tell others their special story.

You can purchase the book here: AmazonAmazon, Barnes and Noble, Christian Book
Workbook Can be picked up here for free: Choosing Him All Over Again Workbook – Free


*** I received Choosing Him All Over Again, by Juana Mikels for my review and my honest opinion. All opinions are my own, and such. I also want to honor the author and her writing in such a way that brings God his glory.*****




One response to “Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels {A Review}

  1. I love how you began with the Hannah W. Smith quote and graphic, Sarah! That says it all, Man’s part is to trust, God’s part is to work. And work He does! I am living proof to go from leaving my husband to praying how I can make his life as easy and pleasant as I can. Thank you Sarah, for helping to spread the word that Choosing Him is available. You are a blessing!

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