Vanishing Grace by Phillip Yancy

*** I Received this book from Family Christian for my fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.***


Vanishing Grace is a book that is so filled with so much information why grace is vanishing from the church. Grace is important to the Christian faith. It is important because we have been given grace by the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been given grace in such a unique way that we need but where is it going? Where is grace of the church going?

Yancy explores why grace is vanishing from the church today. He goes into such a depth as to why grace is vanishing from the church. He gives stories as to why the grace is leaving. He tells of a journalist who is seek as to who Jesus is, but yet in her exploration she fakes her way in. Then as I read her story, she goes forward but does not know why. She understands why Christians pray but wonders about grace. Mr Yancy gives story after story after story about the grace vanishing. As a believer who knows, understands and how important grace is to the church. This is sounding like the church sermon series in a way coming from my church.

Mr Yancy is asking the question, What has happened to the Good New? The good news of Jesus coming to this earth, to live, to die, and to rise again. In the third section Mr Yancy explores several faiths and asks about how to get to heaven, who is Jesus, etc… Each is a response to their faith and what they believe in.  He sees those he interviews, but yet clings to his faith even moreso.

Even as I sit here writing the review on it. It is hard to put into words. It is hard to write even how good the book was. It is hard to understand and needs more study despite all the studies presented. I want to go back and read it and discover more and more nuggets of treaure. Yes there are a ton of nuggets of treasures in the book. Hard to put into words, but most of all, What will you do to spread God’s True Word? How will you reach others with the Good News? Who is God wanting you to reach out to?

You can purchase it — Family Christian – Vanishing Grace


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