An Amish Second Christmas Anthology

An Amish Second Christmas is a wonderful anthology of Christmas novellas. Each author has a sweet perspective on the Amish culture and was written with the Christmas Season.

When Christmas Comes Again by Beth Wiseman

Katherine is a widow, and is struggling with the death of her beloved Elias. She encounters a stranger who has photographs of her children which leads to a journey of life and joy amidst their grief. Katherine is wondering why this Englischer is wanting to get ahold of their family but yet the story unfolds with such grace and dignity. There is mercy, concern, but most of all there is love for family. Wanting to keep family safe, but how does the stoey end? Does Katherine bring the Englischer home to meet her children? What ties does this Englischer have to her Amish family?

Her Christmas Pen Pal by Ruth Reid

Joy, an Amish baker, was waiting on the love of her life Henry to propose to her. Joy is so anxiously waiting on this proposal that she sends a box of her delicious baked goods to her beau, Henry. Yet the box of baked goods did not end up with Henry but at a cabinetmakers home. This cabinetmaker tells Joy how much better one of her baked goods would be if there was a little less ingredient in one of her recipes. Joy, like any other person takes offense to it, and yet there is more stress for her. The bakery maybe sold, but will this sale go through? What will become of Joy and Henry or is it the Cabinetmaker? Who does Joy end up with?

A Gift For Ann Marie By Katherine Fuller

Anne Marie and Nathaniel have been a twosome since they were children. Both families thought they would end up together. Yet her mother is in a romance of her own. Childhood sweethearts for her mom and her beau, and yet this is a struggle for Anne Marie who so desperately wants to be with Nathaniel.
Will Anne Marie and Nathaniel end up together like everyone expected?
Will her mother give her blessing?
What will happen?

The Christmas Aprons Tricia Goyer
Esther loves to bake. She loves everything about it. There is one special secret about her mothers vanilla cream pie. This one secret has enabled many women in her family to become the Mrs. Yet Esther wonders how it will enable her to snag a bachlor around Montana.
How will Esther snag her bachlor?
What will bring her future husband to Montana or is he already there?
How will it happen?

An Amish Second Christmas contain a group discussion guide to discuss the four novellas in your book club. They are short so you can go quickly through discussion and keep to your time alotted for your book club.

Are you a person who loves to bake? Well this story has recipes that are at the end of the book. Bake up some tasty treats for your family or perhaps your important man or event in your family.

You can pick up the books here: Barnes and Noble, Family Christian, Amazon 


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