Killing Lions {Review}

*****I received Killing Lions from family Christian for my honest opinion & review. All opinions on my own.****

Killing Lions is a wonderful book written by John Eldridge and His son, Sam Eldridge. It is so informative for the young man who you are mentoring to the trials of the everyday life.

One of my favorite chapters is the chapter on love and how God has all of this in His plan but not in ours. Yet it is unique, because every boy goes through heartache until God brings in the right woman for his life.

Another chapter in the book deals with money. For money is the way that makes the world go round. Yet, is that important for His work that you have been called to do.

Each chapter goes back and forth between father & son. Each one has a unique point of view and how God is and working your life. As you know, we should always test everything we read against the spirit. This also makes me thankful that there are books geared toward the young men who are walking in the ways of The Lord.

I recommend this book for fathers and sons. To be picked up by them to be read with the Word of God as the guide book. It is a resource to be used as an example as the way to live your life and sons life.

Purchase Killing Lions for you husband and son Here.


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