Mission Agape by F. Dean Hackett

Mission Agape is unlike any spiritual warfare book that I have ever read. It has been well written and with such great detail. Plus each time it is backed by Scripture (aka God’s True Word). It tells us that we need to take the power of God’s Word which is our sword and to use it in our spiritual warfare.

We have God’s Word in our lives and we need to useit everyday because it is important. It is important that we know it. It is our strength in these fierce battles. It is a battle that we need His infinite wisdom, His Fighting words to go before us.

F. Dean Hackett is Roslind Jukic’s father. Rosilind writes at Little R & R. She is helping her father get his book out along with many others.

F. Dean Hackett has written Mission Agape to help all us step up our spiritual warfare tactics. We all have to be on our toes for spiritual warfare. It is also important to do so in love because we are fighting for our families, children, and friends spiritual lives. Jesus fought for us in prayer ad we should be doing the same for others. Time and time again Jesus fought for us and is a great example to all of us believers in our Lord and Saviour.

In all honesty I have had trouble writing this review because it is so full of information. I want and need to be able to digest this information as with any other book about spiritual warfare. This topic is a must know for all Christians. Those who are at a different part of our race need to help those who are new to there Christian walk need this type of mentorship. This could be through a book such as Mission Agape or any other book.

No matter where we are in our Christian walk, we need to be prepared and ready to battle with the spiritual forces of nature. Prepared for the journey ahead, in order for us to breakthrough the trials we face. As I have said, I have struggled putting words for writing this review. A book that I need to be able to back and reread again and soak up.

****I received the book for an honest review. All opinions are my own.****

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