Christmas & Survivors

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It was so far away and now it is tomorrow. Yet it will be bittersweet for many. Some are still trying to get back on their feet from the natural disasters they have faced. There are many still in Paternos, Washington trying to get on their feet again and are struggling. They have been through so much. There is so much they have to do, and to have sok many memories gone.

I have a friend/blogger Kristen Walls who is has been a rock who is leaning on Christ because of the beauty from ashes. She has begun the process to help the survivors who are the least of these. She has been puttinbg together ladies nights out and are giving ladies gifts to rebegin their lives but is also reaching out to those who need it most. She is giving her whole heart to something that was taken from her but also blessing those who have struggled during this time.

There is so much to do for Paternos, Washington. They have been denied many times for fema to come in. Many are not living in the best of terms let alone the right conditions that have been coming on the states. Read here to help Paternos Needs Your Help – Ninja Blog.

They need our help more than we could ever imagine. They need clothes, a place to stay that has heat & actual walls, they need warm clothes, bathrooms, in essence they need the basic necessities + some items for new memories to take place.

They are also slowly getting an actual adoption of the survivor families to help them get off their feet.
There is a way to help the families who have lost everything in this fire. You can go here:Carlton Complex Recovery to help these survivors. Pray before you jump in to help, and it does take time and finances. Yes it is to help those who are need.

This is an area of our country that was also hit hard by a fire but yet the government has repeatedly denied the survivors help. This is where the church comes in to help the least of these. It is giving those in need basic nessecities but also reaching them with the Word of Truth.

What is the Lord prompting you to do?

What will you do to help these families?

Are you willing to obey The Lord to help the least of these?

Are you willing to reach them for a greater cause?

Willing to be the Jesus they need?


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