Finding Hope Now Movie

Finding Hope Now movie is based on a true story of Pastor Minassin who feels the calling to go and reach out to the boys who are fatherless in his community of Fresno California. Pastor Minassin  reaches out to the boys who are in a gang and loves them no matter how hard the circumstances are. He begins by reaching out in a simple manner by starting basketball games to eventually mentoring the young men. Santos at the age of 16 is almost lost & is in trouble – with a gang and girlfriend is pregnaunt. Pastor Misassin is also struggling and yet by God’s grace and plan they are brought together.


As Santos wants all the world has to offer but still keeps going on this path. God then places Pastor Misassin (In the movie they refer to him as Reverend) in his path. A path that involves mentoring, encouragement and fatherly love in which Santos has never known due to his abusive Father.

Roberto is another gang member who is the leader in the pack. He is at a convienent store one evening and choses to rob it. The clerk is struggling to open the cash registar but yet gets killed because he doesn’t give the money over quickly. Roberto is in tears because he is again is facing a prison term for murder. He will only speak to Pastor Minassin and no one else. During this time he encourages Him and tell him there is hope. Roberto ends his life without Christ. (There is no showing of the shooting scenes but yes it will show the aftermath).

Finding Hope Now is worth five stars because of the Hope found in how Jesus was presented in the movie. There is such love for the gang members. Finding Hope Now began in 1993 and has taken 1,800 young men into mentorship. Remember Santos the young man who was headed for trouble earlier? He is now a parent, married and has a college degree, and it is all to the glory of God.

To purchase you can come here.

***I received a copy of Finding Hope Now from Family Christian Stores for my honest opinion & review.****

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