The Holiday Season and Survivors


The holiday season is upon us. It comes so much quicker now than before. It seems to creep up on us at the end of summer. It creeps up so suddenly and boom it is here. It begins with the Halloween items being put in the stores at the end of August to the Thanksgiving and Christmas at the very end of October. Yes the seasons are exciting but what you may not realize is that the holidays are the hardest times for the survivors.

It is during this time that the survivors realize this: life is so much more precious than the possessions we own. They understand that life and all the stuff they have could be gone in an instant or destroyed. When you look from the inside looking in, it is different. From the outside looking in, it is a look of confusion, misunderstanding and many other things. Those on the outside struggle to see what is bothering the survivor or perhaps refuse to understand what the survivors are dealing with.

Back to the holidays, this is the time of the year where ads are running rampant with “I want this”, “give me this.” It entices the eyes of want and we will be satisfied with this. Yet look through the eyes of a survivor. They have and see something so different. The holidays bring tears of grief, joy, and other emotions in between. This season is different than any other season.

The moments of life has changed in such a way that it is crazy. It changed how they are now viewing things. What Christmas and Thanksgiving will look like. It looks so different from the last holiday season. The change can be so very hard. They sometimes need space to process but others want to just talk it out. Remember to listen to the survivors stories and you may catch something that God prompts you to do for them. It could be something little it could perhaps be something big God needs you to do for them.

I am wanting those who are reading this to understand that the survivors have different rates of recovery. Different moments in their grief, and it can change from day to day. Getting back to normal is not an overnight process, in fact this can take years to do. It is something that God has to heal and not one thing in this world can heal it. God is the true divine healer and he loves each one of them. He loves them enough to die for them. He loves them so much he wants them to know him personally. Healing process takes time, but continual prayers for the survivors and their families are and will be a blessing especially during this season of gratitude and joy. There maybe moments where the survivor is bittersweet, and just needs to cry. They need a shoulder to cry one. They need an ear to listen to the memories they need to share.

For a survivor who needs to share a memory or memories it is important because they need a listening ear. It will also hopefully open up where you can share God’s True Word. The memories are sometimes the nly thing they can hold onto. They want to cling to the past when even bigger better memories are coming in the future. Granted there are moments when I have done it but I am trying to write them down. The holidays do this to survivors sometimes. Sometimes it can be a summer memory or perhaps a winter memory.


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