Five Minute Friday: Turn

Well it is Friday! And you know what this means! We write for five minutes with timers set, no grammer check nothing of this sort. We then link to Kate Motaung @ Five Minute Friday. Each week the prompt will be different too. This week the prompt is turn.

Ready Set Go!


Turn. The survivors life turns drastically when the disaster strikes. It turns their whole like upside down. It turns schedules into struggles at times. It turns kids lives around. It turns everyone fjord contentment or hoarding. It turns life around where everyone is learning how to now truly depend upon Jesus. Turning lives to what true thankfulness is. It makes you truly realize that the disaster turned your life around for good. It turns uncontentment into thankfulness. It turns tears and lamenting into beauty, and ashes into new life. It turns a dusty plot of land into a lucious garden. Survivors understand (stop) the turn in which their lives have changed. Yet those on the outside they turn and somewhat just go on with their lives. Sometimes the turn of the disaster impacts their lives, but God turns and softens their heart to Him so they can turn and give back to the survivors.

How has a disaster turned your life around?

From the outside looking in, how has the turn of events helped you?

How has the disaster turned your life where you focus on him?

Where does God need to turn your life around to help others?

Linking with: Kate Motaung – Five Minute Friday, Christian Mommy Blogger – Fellowship Friday, Missional Women — Faith Filled Friday


4 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Turn

  1. Hi – just stopping by from FMF. What beautiful perspective you share out of devastating disaster. I haven’t experienced the same kind of ashes you have, but I have certainly seen God bring beauty out of my own. It is an amazing and unique kind of light, when you’re not sure you’ll ever see anything but darkness. Thank you for sharing – I look forward to reading more from you. Blessings!

  2. Wonderfully written. I too have seen the hand of God in what was meant to destroy. How He lifts the heads of those beaten down. Never will the daughter of a King be left in shame.

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