Sometimes It Takes A Mountain by Gaither Vocal Band

I have had the chance to review Sometimes It Takes A Mountain by Gaither Vocal band. I have always heard of the Southern Gospel Band but have never truly listened to any of their music. Yet I have been excited to listen to the music and it reminded me of the church of my youth and some of my collge years. There were quartets who actually sang these songs with such joy.

One song in particular song: The Resurrection was sung at the end of the passion play at my church, or during the service again by a quartet. It brought back so many memories that I would have trouble remembering which songs were song but yet I could only remember where they were made and the song We are coming Jome At last. We are coming home at last was a song sung by two different quartets in two different churches I attended but nonetheless I now know where they came from.

It has been a blessing to review and to listen to Sometimes It Takes a Mountain. A blessing to hear the truths of God spoken through it. The Christmas truths, the Resurrection truths. The Truth of God’s Word and How it applies to our lives. Music is one way we worship the Lord Jesus Christ, and The Gaither Vocal Band is one band that draws us to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. We worship the Lord Jesus Christ when we sing, pray and the Songs lead us to do this consistently. It leads us to be drawn closer to our Saviour and Lord.

You can purchase the Sometimes It Takes A Mountain Here.

***I was given a copy through Family Christian for my honest review. All my opinions are my own and honest.****


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