Five Minute Friday: Leave

Today is Five Minute Friday @ Kate Motaung where bloggers gather together and write for five minutes with no editing, grammer checks of this sort. Then we all Gather at the Kate’s blog to cheer each of the other bloggers on. Every Friday the prompt will be different.

Today’s Prompt is: Leave.

Ready! Set! Go!


Leave. When we normally think of it as leaving on a misson trip, a vacation but never one as in leaving what we once had. Survivors have to leave so much, but yet leaving is the hardest thing one could ever imagine.

Leave the old life behind is sometimes hard on survivors. They become Mara (Hebrew for bitter). Bitter for what the disaster took from them. Forcing them to leave what life they once knew. Leaving the old for the new is hard yes. I have been there, but the bitterness will be replaced by joy, happiness, life that is so unique to the recovery process in your survivorship journey.

Survivors please I beg of each of you. Leave is (stop) something that becomes a gift to each of us. We leave behind the old life to be replaced with a better life and a life that will be much more fulfilling and your story will reach others who need to hear it. We will reach others that need to leave bitterness at the new door in exchange it for joy, happiness and new relationships.

How do you plan on helping survivors with their “Maras”?

Where do you need to leave bitterness aside?

What will you do to help them?

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One response to “Five Minute Friday: Leave

  1. What an amazing picture! You are so right about being a survivor. It can cause one to become incredibly and understandably bitter. It’s tough to get past difficult situations, forgive if necessary, and move on. I love your call to action of what can we do to help them. I tend to be more of a check writer right now but am in search of other ways to help :).

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