Where Tree Tops Glisten — Cara Putman, Sarah Sundin & Tricia Goyer

War War II changed the lives of the American people. It changed it for four years. Each of the titles in the book are titles of Christmas songs sung by Crooners and of course Judy Garland.

Cara Putman’s novella White Christmas is about a college student who is in the midst of grieveing for what could have been. She is grieving because it is Christmas and the US is at war. A war that took her love from her. Yet there is something special in store for her. As Abigail studies for her nursing degree so she can go and help with the war effort. While pursing the nursing degree she is working at a candy shop. A shop that allows her to study while she does her class work. Jackson a young man has his eye for her, and begins to fall in love with Abigail. Yes, it does take time for her to fall in love. Does Abigail and Jackson make it as a couple? Will it be a white christmas for Abigail?

Sarah Sundin’s novella I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Pete is home for a little bit, and things change in a direction he never would have expected. Grace is a widow who has a precocious little girl who wants a daddy. Little Linda sees Pete Turner on the side walk, and thinks he is to be her daddy. Yet as Linda tells her mother that Pete is to be her daddy. Yet Linda has the habit to run off, without telling who is watching her. This leaves Grace in a bind. A huge bind. Grace needs the job to provide for the needs of her and Linda. Pete volunteers the entire month to watch Linda. They do things families do during the holiday season but there are dates he does not realized he has done things that brings up memories. Does Pete date Grace? Will he gain Grace’s trust?

Tricia Goyer’s novella I’ll Be Home For Christmas Meridith Turner is working on the front lines working as a nurse while trying to find her her beau who unexpectedly left the United States for Germany. She does not know if any of the men she has treated is him. She has come a long way from home to use her nursing skills. One day the friend of her beau comes in injured. He is struggling to figure it out if it is Meredith is his friends abandoned lover. Does He find her? What will become of their relationship?

The journey during the war with Turner family has brought them closer together. Yet will all be together to celebrate Christmas at the close of the War or will there be members missing. Come and find out by reading Where TreeTops Glisten.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars for the great cowriters and how each story flowed fluidly and how faith and Jesus was weaved in it plus redemption also.

***I received this book from Tricia Goyer as part of her Fiction Launch Team. All opinions are my own.****


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