Dear Paternos Washinton Wildfire Survivors,

Dear Paternos Washington Wildfire Survivors,

The last few months have been hard. The wildfire has taken everything you owned. It has taken your livelihood. It has taken your routines, your belongings, and everything else. Everything has not been the same. Your family has been living in a temporary place currently, but may have to move again.

You are dealing with the insurance company. Some have been able to get money back and others have not. FEMA is there and it is even more confusing. There is oh so much to do. So much red tape to get over. So much stuff that needs to be done. Yet the holidays are coming.

The holidays are close. Your family is struggling with them coming up. You do not have all your decorations. Not one is there. There is the stockings that are missing. The snow globe that was always in its spot. There is the wreaths for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that are gone.

As the holidays come up please allow the memories from the old home come forth. Allow yourself to write them down. Allow yourself to realze these new memories are going to be good even in the rough times. Remember the journey you are making and that you are not alone. Other survivors have made it too, but God is there and working even if you do not see it.

Remember this journey despite how hard it is will have blessings in it. The journey ahead you will grow in your relationship with Christ. He will be your anchor in the rough seas. He has engraved you on the palm of his hands. No matter how hard things are around you He is always there. He has not left you. He has been with you through this entire journey.

As you and your family go through the hard times. Do not be afraid to take a one or two day trip to somewhere where you need to rest and have fun. Especially with children they need to have time to have fun and relax as a family.

As I leave you with these thoughts:

1. You have Jesus with you on this journey
2. Beautiful things will arise from the ashes.
3. New routines are nice but do slow adjustments if need be.
4. Life anew will be a blessing and seeing joys throughout the year.
5. Keep your eyes on Jesus through this whole journey.

I hope you have a blessed year of recovery on your Journey of Hope. Sarah


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