Five Minute Friday: Dare

Today it is five minute Friday where many bloggers gather to write for five minutes. This means no grammar checks or edits. Writing from the heart and sharing it @ Kate Motaung. Once we link up there we get to go & encourage our neighbors (fellow bloggers) on what they have written.

Today’s Prompt is Dare.

Ready Set Write!

Today’s prompt is dare. When we think of dare, we think of doing something someone has dared us to do. Yet we do not always do it. We chicken out of it.


Survivors have the biggest dare of their lives during the road to recovery and throughout their healing journey. There are moments when the dare is just to hard for them, and they struggle to move forward. There are moments when the dare gives each survivor a headache of grief. This dare came unexpectedly in their lives. Yet this world will have trouble there is no question about this, but yet we need to take heart because Jesus has conquored the world(John 16:33).

The dare that has come into the survivors lives will also spill into those lives who have not been affected by the disaster. They too have a dare. This dare is to help the least of these(Matthew 24:45 NIV), the survivors. Their dare takes on (stop) being like Christ to the survivors. It means taking the dare to reach the city that has needs much greater than before.

As I sit and write this, I know Joplin has come back strong in many ways but this is all due to God. Yet, have we as Christians reached out to those who have just come through the Wildfires? Paternos, Washington is a city that has lost so much. Many have lost their only homes and finding temporary homes is very difficult. We find this dare very hard, but do we do something about it or do we move forward in faith to accept this dare? We need to be dared to help those in need who have a great need, and disaster survivors are the ones who need it.

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4 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Dare

    • Cassie — great words. I think sometimes we think we have done enough when we have not done enough, and there is still more to be done….

  1. This is a great dare to help those in need. So many times we sit in our comfy homes and feel bad for those who are struggling, but do we actually go out of our way to help them? Good thing to think about and do something about! Thanks for the post.

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