Encouragement Ideas for Natural Disaster Survivors

How would you encourage a survivor? What encouragement would you like  bestow upon the survivors. Want to encourage but do not know what to do or say? Here is a list of ideas

• Send a card to a survivor each month or week. Write the note in a blank card and send along with a little gift of some sort.

• Go to Bath and Body Works and purchase their favorite scent. Package it all nice and pretty give it to them along with a note.

• If they are a book reader, pick up one or two books they love, and possibly a Bible added to these books. Package it all nice and pretty and give it to them.

•Purchase a journal for them to write down her feelings of what has been going on.

• Find a toy for their child(ren) that they need at night. A child needs something special at night after the disaster.

• For the teens who have lost everything. Buy a card and put a giftcard of a store you know they like. Giftcards such as: iTunes, Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Belk, Marshalls, Kohls

• For the coffee lover who has lost everything. A pound of coffee, a coffee cup and a Starbucks giftcard. All wrapped up in a pretty basket.

• For Moms of Boys, Buy Praying For Boys by Brooke Mcglothlin, along with a few more parenting books on raising Boys. (MOB Society)

• For Moms of Girls, find a book similar for raising girls and parenting girls, include a coffe cup, coffee or tea in the package

• Offer to pray for them while you are with them or as you are going througout your day

These are just ideas to encourage a survivor. Yet as you would anytime pray before you go and get the gift or gifts.


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