Five Minute Friday Long

Today is Five Minute Friday. It is where many bloggers gather to write on one prompt and then post them @ Kate Motaung blog. We also keep encouraging other bloggers on their posts. We will set the timer for five minutes and write on our prompt/topic….

Today’s Prompt is Long.

Ready, Set Go!!!!

Long. A survivor longs for the old routine, the old home and all of what they had lost, but also longing for someone to understand them in their circumstances. They long for the life they once had and not realizing that part of their longing is for somewhere else. They long for a life of calm not the chaos they are in. They long for someone to reach out to them.

They long for someone to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Long. Simple word with so many meanings to everyone, but hits home with survivors of a natural disaster. They long for life and what was meant to be not realising the beauty in the ashes.


They long for someone to understand , someone who will not put them down. For someone to know that things are not the same. They long to have those who on the outside to understand but hoping they will not push them to the brink of tears, or anger. Survivors long (stop) for understanding when everything around has crumbled. They want to know and long for Jesus, even before the natural disaster. The long for something better but still want and cling to the old.

What will you do to help survivors who are longing for Christ?

Will you be willing to lead others to Christ who are natural disaster survivors?

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4 responses to “Five Minute Friday Long

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love reading what others think about the same word, especially today, when my brain refused to think, so my thoughts on the word long were completely random. Visiting from FMF!!

    • I do too. Sometimes mine seem random, but have actually been God using them. Thanks Heather, have a blessed day today!

  2. I was just talking with a young women today about this very issue. I survive an abusive childhood by putting a wall around my heart. Consequently my marriage did not go well until I found Christ and being to let Him take down the walls. In two days we will be married 50 years…good post.

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