Helping Survivors….

With the next months of a survivors life being hard and somewhat melecholy. Here is something you can do during November, December and January.

November Ideas:
Thanksgiving decorations
Thankful Journals to record what they are thankful for
Thankful Tree (A Holy Experience)
Thanksgiving Dinner ingredients
A gift for children — teaching Thankfulness
A Thousand Gifts by Ann Vos Kamp
Scarves, hats & mittens — for the cold weather
Throw in an unexpected Christmas movie to begin the Christmas Season (one that is family friendly)

December Basket Ideas:
Hats, Scarves, and Mittens
Giftcards to: Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Outback, Panera, etc….
Handmade Ornaments
Christmas Towels, Christmas placemats, Christmas plates,
Kitchen utencils
Dip packages from Hallmark
Stationary from Hallmark to write Thank You Notes
Bibles for family members — include Bible for.children
Christian cds
Lullabye cds for babies
Instrumental cds

January Ideas:
Shovels (for snow)
Salt pelts
Snowman gear for building a snowman
Books on snow
Family Binder for the family
Emergency Binder
Disaster Prepardness Notebook
Linens for beds
Socks, shoes,
Giftcards to: Google Play, Olive Garden, Popeyes, Chick Fil a, iTunes
Hot chocolate and movies (kid approved and parent approved)
New books that parents/children have written down or wanted
Hair dyers
Replace the Family Bible

Now this list is just ideas and you can change the lists around to fit and suit the needs for the families that are being adopted by families who are willing to help them. Adopting families should be taken seriously because there are those who are in it for the money so a screening process should be in place.

These are ideas are just ideas, and yes you can change the ideas around. Switching the items around is perfectly fine.


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