Survivorship Journey….the beginning…

Life as a survivor, it is a journey unlike any other. The journey is also the hardest journey. A journey that can be the most rewarding. It is where the new life begins. New life begins out of the dust and the ashes. Journeys begin anew when this journey begins.

Survivors are in the begining journeys of rebuilding their lives. Some want to blame God about this loss while others are thankful for how God provided protection for them and their family. Survivors begin the hard journey to rebuilding their lives. Lives that everything had been so meticulously put together it is now all toren apart. It is no longer there. Secrets are now being exposed that have been hidden from everyone.

Life changes with many other changes through the journey. For me I went through five addresses within at least a year. I know two were from my preschool days but the next three were the childhood home I grew up in, the first one after the disaster was the temporary home, and then the first place my husband and I lived when I married him.

Sometimes it is hard to recover from the disaster. When I worked out in the public I saw that through some of the survivors. They struggled through so much stuff, emotionally, physically, mentally. There are times that the date of the disasters are a struggle throughout the months ahead. They may make someone quiet or teary eyed, or perhaps they weep because of what happened. Some weep for the life they lost others weep for other things they miss and such.

Well the holiday season is practically at the front door. Survivors who are just going through so much and have lost much. They are replaceing photographs, wedding photographs, toys, Christmas decorations and every holiday too. They are needing new items and items to make their temporary home a home to them and their families.

Yes, I have said something that is very pertent to this topic or post. This that the holiday season is one of the hardest times for a survivor. It is very hard but yet you have memories that were in the homes you lost. Those memories will be there to this day. Even I have memories from my old neightborhood and yet I treasure them. Yes, there will be no Christmases in the home. There will be no Easter, no 4th of July. Unfortunately it is a struggle. I understand the struggle.

When you have lost everything and it seems like all is lost, and such. You are not alone and in fact you have God with you. You are the one who he has died for. You are his child, and he will not leave you nor forsake you. This journey through a natural disaster is one that will have such great joy. One that you will be thankful for.


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