Five Minute Friday: Care

Today is five minute Friday, @  Kate Motoung. This is where several bloggers gather to write on one prompt for five minutes nonstop, no changes or anything. We the head to Kate Motoung’s blog to post and encourage each other on our writings.

Today’s prompt is: Care!!!!


Ready! Set! Go!

Care. Everyone needs a special type of care, whether it is for their health, and yet there are other types care given to others. Yet have you ever thought about the care of survivors of a disaster? The care they need for basic nessecities, physical, and yes mental.

Caring for the survivors sometimes involves encouragement. It involves giving care and the most basic care from Jesus. We need to care for survivors with the attitude of Jesus. We need to help them get back to a “new normal” and encourage them. Caring can come in many different ways.

Caring can mean baking food and giving it to a family. Putting a care basket together with a certain theme such as a kitchen, Christmas (stop), Thanksgiving, etc… Doing this we are being Jesus to others who may or may not know him. We care and reach out to those who are hurting. We are being Jesus to the least of these. Yes, care.

Giving others care is important. It shows them Jesus while walking beside them.

What will you do to show care to those who need it?

What will you do to show care to the natural disaster survivors?

What type of basket will you put together with care for those who have survived a natural disaster? What theme will it be of?

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2 responses to “Five Minute Friday: Care

  1. Great post. I have my yarn sitting out to get started on scarves but I have not done it. Thank you for the boast to get going.

    • It is exciting to help others. It shows how much the church cares and yet we are being the church in reaching out to them!

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