Write the 10 Favourites of Being a Survivor


Survivors have favourite things that they remember during the hard times they dealt with throughout the years of recovery.

#10. Seeing Joplin being rebuilt during the last few years. The landscape has changed so much sometimes it is hard to remember what was what. Buildings are rebuilt differently, and businesses have moved. New businesses have come in to make Joplin a better place.

#9. All the volunteers who have put in over one million man hours cleaning up and rebuilding. They came in with a heart to serve and to clean up the lives of survivors. They risked their lives and came in contact with tetnus and other things.

#8. Churches came together as one and helped all the survivors. They gave them clothes, food, furniture and many things. They reached out and shared Jesus with all who came in to get items of need for their families.

#7. Donations that came in nonstop during the first part of the disaster. Water came in by the pallets includes clothes, appliances, books, Bibles. Without the donations it would have been a struggle to provide for the survivors.

#6. Friends who hosted all the survivors. I was taken care of by a friend from BSF in whom helped me by helping me talk about what was going on, and yes encouraging us throughout the entire time. Everyone who had a friend who willingly hosted their friends who lost everything. I hope they will all be blessed by this.

#5. Stories that have come from the disaster. There are so many stories that come from the disaster, many include seeing angels to seeing a person posthumanously. Take this  challenge: listen as to how God was there in their stories.

#4. Even while working at a bookstore, we as a company were getting and receiving books for the Joplin district. Many donated books they wanted too others wanted us to choose the donation. Books were not in the Joplin schools, for there was no time to get brand new textbooks. Yet now they have apple macbooks for the students.

#3. There were couple who had survived the storm who were tying the knot the upcoming summer.  Some had lost their wedding gowns, and items for their wedding. They were blessed to have things replaced.

#2. Then their were the young couples who were married and had their starter home. Their homes were ruined and yet there were angels protecting them. They survived together as a couple, and yes some of them now have littlebits.

#1. The couples who were seeing each other the day the tornado struck. Those like my husband and I. My husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) blessed me when it struck, he was a rock for me when I needed it the most. He took care of me, and he knew what I needed it the most.


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