Before Amen by Max Lucado

Before Amen is a book about prayer. It brings us to the point do we really pray for or how we truly are to pray. It can be hard to understand how we are to pray, and yet Jesus gives us the answer in Matthew 6:9-13, in the Lord’s prayer.

Yet Max also addresses the names of God but yet there are many. He reminds us that God is our Abba (Father) and we can go to him and ask him. We go to him to pray for many things. We wait and pray for the upcoming appointments in the way he has readied for us.

Many times we pray for the needs of others. We are his children and we know that laying it at his feet because He is the one who can do it, not us. He is the one who can fulfill our needs and everything. He has enabled me to stay home in such a way. We needed some extra income, but yet we needed this income. Yet God helped us in such a way. He enabled me to stay home in such a way, yes we had this need for income but God provided in such a way that I could stay home. This was prayed about and yet sometimes our needs are prayed over and answered, but sometimes it takes awhile for the need to be answered.

Next we speak of is healing. We cannot be the one to heal other, but the one who steps in is Jesus can. He is the healer. He is the one who can step in and heal us or whomever we are praying for. The only one who can help us is Jesus Himself. He is the ultimate healer.

Forgiveness is hard, but yet Jesus said we are to forgive each other. Jesus, our redeemer is the one who died for us. His death enabled us to be forgiven of our sins. Yet he has shown us how we can forgive each other with the example he has shown us in His Word and by His example. Jesus was the perfect lamb who was sinless and his sacrifice took away the sins of the world. Max guides us in a step by step process of confessing our sins. He reminds us to lay it all our sins.

Sometimes we need to intercede for others. One of the.greatest examples is Moses interceding for the nation of Israel. He was on his knees, face to the ground, and yes wrestling with God for his people. We need to do this also fr the unsaved. We need to wrestle for them like there is no tomorrrow. We need to interecede for their salvation, for his protection, and everything. Who do you need to intercede for?

We also need to be thanking God for his many blessings day in and day out. He is the one we need to thank, for he gives us all we need. Thanking Him for all the mundane stuff we have even if it is not what we were expecting. We need to thank Him day in and day out. So what do you need to thank God for?

Last but not least. Closing our prayers in confidence before the throne. We are his children and we are royalty, a royal priesthood. We need to be confident in how we end our prayers. Confidence in our Creator. Confidence that he will answer them in His Timing and his way.

***I receieved a copy of Before Amen by Max Lucado from Litfuse Publicity Group for an honest review and Opinion. All opinions are my own.****


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